What to do when you are bored and you already did all your tasks? 😦

Danielle Z.
I take the time to read or write a journal entry or make a list about people I love and care about. I could meditate for ten minutes or try to get to work for stuff I need to do for school that day. Do you have a lot of time when you are done? Think about some of your favorite healthy hobbies. Or maybe getting new healthy hobbies. Starting to learn guitar. Starting to knit.

Tilde P.
Try doing something new, like trying painting, and it doesn't matter what it looks like. Travel to a library and find a book: before you know it you'll be curling up by the fire with a great book on your hands. You could visit family or meet up with friends. Or you could go for a run to work on your physical health.

William W.
Well, I usually read books or surf the Internet, and sometimes I go out for a walk, listen to music, and some days I do yoga.

Quaresma P.
I usually start doing things I like and enjoy such as hobbies. I don't really have much time for it so when I do, I really love it and get out of it as much as I can. Also sometimes I watch personal development videos, the best ones are TED Talks which help you to stay motivated and keep on track.

Mimosa Q.
For me there's always personal little lists to get through– a long to-be-read book list, insightful YouTube videos I've saved to watch, recipes to try. It's nice to always be chipping away at a list, even if it's a list of fun things, because then even recreation feels like an achievement.

Antonin S.
My day is pretty busy so between tasks I am typically working or otherwise occupied. The app just keeps me on track for my tasks.

Michel R.
I take me time doing what recharges me for the next day. It can be anything that makes you relaxs. It's okay to take time for yourself, we tend to see free time as wasted if we don't do something productive but relaxing is really productive for your wellbeing

Brandon S.
Maybe reflect on what should my next/new tasks be. There are always tasks to be done. There is always room for self improvement.
Or maybe I would treat myself with something that I enjoy. Like a movie or Netflix or hang out with friends or whatever you like.

Ahmad Z.
I've begun writing short stories which help me play out scenarios in my head, making to easier not to so end the rest of the day fantasizing.

Mathys W.
You don't only have to focus on only your tasks, you can do something else too. For example, you come back from school you did all your tasks, now what? Sit down? Absolutely not. You have to do something like learn something new, like a game or a sport, or hangout with friends, if you don't have any talk to people.