What to do when get illness or unexpected things happen.

Nicklas U.
If the things are not important, you need to learn to say no. If it is important you have to take your rest or call your boss/teacher to say what happened.

Greetings Boris from the netherlands!

Rico N.
Stay grounded. Think through needed resources. Engage trusted dependable friends. Choose good healthcare. Walk through it with equanimity and commit for the long haul. Read Bernie Segal, Norman Cousins and other encouraging authors to find out how to beat it and over come regardless of science. Learn and try complimentary massage like light and color therapy and essential oils. Meditation and yoga and laughter, even forced. Cut yourself breaks. Learn how to be a really good friend to yourself. Don’t take others, even family and close friends, lack of understanding personal. And don’t expect them to change. Consider a Service Dog realizing 24/7 commitment is required just as he gives to you. Think positive. Get involved in professional helpful organizations like the National MS Society or Diabetes Organization, etc. Invest in and eat good organic, gluten free, nutritious meals. Learn something new and interesting daily. Exercise for physical and mental health. Develop a network of folks you can call when you’re scared. And then above all, go live your life. Live.

Just U.
Reflect on them and try to see the good things in them no matter how bad they are. Try to be as optimistic as possible and tell urself that you can get through it. Believe in yourself because you are stronger than you look.