What are the best tricks for studying?

Sherry P.
Beat way to retain information is to quiz yourself. Hands down. Read the material, work out the problems, then repeatedly try to recall the answers our solve the problems without looking at the material. Check to see if your right, if not, try again. There are many free online resources the will quiz you in math. There's even one for studying for the driving test! But barring that, ask a friend or a parent to quiz you. Make flash cards with the answers on the back. Whatever works for you.
Elo Se Y.
Nice question to hear. Recently I also worked on this matter. I found some interesting facts. If you wanna study with concentration just play some smoothing music not songs . only simply music of any instruments like violoin ,guitar ,been etc. Dont listen to any movie songs.because when you study your brains will think on many other stuffs other than your studies. Listening to any peacefull music can makes you to put bring your all concentration from all other stuffs to studies.
Lily U.
I’m struggling with studying and with trying to force myself to study, but I think that is imagining your future and the future you want is one of the best tricks because then you’ll see how studying now is important. Also, here are some meditations so I think that you should definitely try it.
Lauren A.
Study in a way that you find exciting, new, or fun. Put aside all conventtions you may have about it. Watch YouTube videos on the subject, if you must, and forget the textbook. Interesting visual graphics may help, you may be a visual learner. Plus, the added audio from videos will give different input information, allowing you to process what you study in other ways too. More on that, you can also try chewing a certain kind of gum or spray certain cologne, only while you study, and do the same when you take tests, it will make it easier to recall information, as your brain associates it with the flavor & smell.
Jesse E.
Write notes by hand, not typing. You’re more likely to remember. Writing is also a good way to think through a challenge or an idea so pre-write if you are stuck on an assignment (you don’t have to show it to anyone!)
Cathy J.
The best way to study efficiently is: prepare a cup of tea, find a comfortable and quiet space with a nice light and make a little list of what you want to do in that session. Also write all your distractions when they occur. At the end reward yourself with something you like. Another way to study easily is to find someone who will study with you
Lohan T.
Hello! I wish you the best of luck in studying and passing!
The best way— actually, no, one of the ways to succeed in studying is to find yourself an intellectual partner. Not someone who is going to talk to you all day, but, also, not someone who is going to get you deep in the book; someone who will give you a bit of both. An example would be, a friend who studies well; that friend will be able to share with you some stories and make you laugh whilst also encouraging you to focus on the work you have. Another method, be relaxed before going ahead. Drink a cup of tea, if you will, and meditate then go ahead and study.
Good luck! I hope it works for you, but to each his own; therefore, whatever suits you best, you will find it yourself!
Sara Y.
Setting a time to do it. Get in the mindset before hand and set your space. Find the way that helps you study effectively.
Britney W.
Forest productivity app. Pomodoro technique. An incentive eg a sweet if I finish this page or an episode of something if I complete this study session. Visual motivation to remind you why you're doing this – dream board. Mindmap all you can remember about a topic or textbook page and then go back using textbook/notes with a different colour to add anything you forgot. Mindmaps are great in general for discussing themes. Develop your own firm of code/shorthand to make your notes shorter and therefore more memorable. Use trigger words: words that trigger the memory of a certain lot of information. This'll also be easier to remember. Practice questions!!! You want to be actively recalling information instead of just rereading it. Have a timetable and study guide and try to stick to them. Make studying fun – this could mean using an app or working with friends. Imagine that you're tutoring another student, record yourself explaining the topic to them and then go back over the recording, notice any mistakes and work out what you forgot. Think about a room or picture that you can visualize and remember well, assign the objects names or facts – you can even use Poststick notes to place in those places to remind you if you see it on a daily basis.