How do you deal with guilt and shame when you really want to get out of bed and get everything done but you physically are not able because you need the sleep in order to recover from the previous day? This usually happens to me when I have a day off and need to use it to meet upcoming deadlines and catchup on things.

Ma L Q.
It’s hard to answer this question because the roots of your dilemma could have to do with less than ideal time management , over commitment, a partner that doesn’t contribute enough, or many other things….and solving your issue would require addressing whatever is robbing you of proper rest at night.

Since I don’t know the details, I’ll suggest that you plan to rest for the first part (maybe 1/2) of your day off. You aren’t as efficient when you aren't well rested anyways, so let your body recover. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of your health (sleeping)….and a way to prevent the guilt is to recognize the importance of rest, plan it, protect it, and then perform better.