How do I stop putting of work for later?!

Titouan T.
Just wake up early. Personally, I wake up at 5 a.m. and do all my morning stuff and maybe some one-day tasks. After that, all I have to do is take a good power nap and wake up at 14-15 p.m.. From there, all I have to do is to work and study.
Hertha N.
This is something I struggle with. I get distracted easily. I really must have my mind set to my task, my phone put away and my brain on high alert that if I sit down I may not get up very quickly unless I remain conscious. Assigning time for and completing tasks is something I hope to improve at.
Suzanne T.
I could suggest, if you haven't already done this, a bit more training and timer to apply what you have learned in time management, project management and leadership
Nelly S.
I personally struggle with this too but I've recently started using apps to lock myself out from my phone and get on with work after seeing that leaving my phone across the room only gets me through about 20 minutes of work only. So I lock myself out of Instagram and WhatsApp, sometimes my phone too. Then I make a to do list, as much detail as I choose. You can even time slot each task. Start with 10 minutes of work, or 20, whatever works for you. Then work for 10 more, and more. İf you find it hard to keep up with time, use your page of work as a slot. Finish a page and then one more, and more. Until you're done with your homework etc.
Hans C.
Mabye take the time and use it wisely, make a schedule and take naps in between the events, that way work can be more productive ad you’ll have more time to use
Christoffer Z.
the answer is to start working on it now. conquer that procrastination reflex. think of the ideal you. the you that doesn’t procrastinate. is really organized and always gets work done at the perfect time. think of that ideal you and let that motivate you. there is no super pill that will help you. it is up to you, it is your responsibility to get this done and i know you can do it. get started and don’t stop until you are done. a good method for work is the Pomodoro Method. look it up, it is a great way to work throughout the day.
Kaylee T.
Wow… I really fell off track with keeping up with my day to day work documentation!

Actually, for the first day in many months- I fell off track completely with my Fabulous app.

It’s kind of ironic- but the reason I am coming up with for why I fell off track with my work documentation and my Fabulous app is… work!

Doesn’t make sense!

But the way I am goin g to try to get back on track is by what the Fabulous App “Re-Kindle the Flame 🔥” thought exercise recommends- going through that short but thoughtful exercise includes simplifying things, remembering aging what it is that energized me in the first place to start using Fabulous, quickly getting off to a good start again with some of my favorite rituals and routines that made me feel good… really alosbmaking sure to take some time to exercise and meditate… and then focused work!!

However, I do have to admit I had to fall off track a little bit and first somehow just force my self to get some urgent focused work accomplished- I felt good that I got that done- but soon after I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to complete all the paperwork by their due dates. So now I had to start my Fabulous routines again… first thing in the AM… Drink Water 💧!!

Teresa U.
Tell yourself to do something today that your future-self with thank you for. Each time you complete a task, you become an improved version of yourself. Whenever temptations come along begging you to procrastinate, ask yourself which option gives your life more meaning and which may be a waste of your precious time.