What or who is your why to keep going, to succeed at this program we are all receiving help building? What’s your why? May sound silly but mine is my dog.

William Z.
Your answer is not at at all silly for part of mine is my cat. I long to be healthy so that I can take care of him again. And I long to be healthy and work on developing consistent habits so I can care for my family and bring something good and powerful into this world.
Troy F.
I have chronic migraine. I work very hard at maintaining a positive attitude and having a good life in spite of my illness. Fabulous gets me up and going in the morning and helps me to keep on track to achieve as normal a life as possible.

The other driving force are my grandchildren. I want to keep active and healthy so I can have them in my life until I hit 100!

Randall F.
Mine is myself, it may sound selfish but I just got out of a toxic relationship and I needed something to help me get over everything.
Dale Z.
The vision of future me. Where I’m healthy, mentally okay and successful in my career and relationships. Where I’ve not just visited the world, but actually LIVED.
Marceau Y.
A desire to change my current situation. I fed up with my complaints and have to do something about them. Plus, I want to be able to enjoy my time with my family and have a productive career. I want to be the optimistic auntie and the happy mom.
Elio T.
My why is that i want to live a energized life in wellnes. My body is my tempel and mind my driver and, my spirit and soul my connection.
Hans W.
I am Muslim a, this may seem so .., I don't know, people don't like to speak religious , but my why is Allah, I've never liked people, I've never been into life or concepts of happiness that media and others around me surround them selves with, but getting closer to Allah means that I should have more control upon my self, both religiously and lively… Getting closer made me stronger.
Liliana X.
That's not a silly why. Mine is to help cope with my illnesses and to enable me to do stuff that I thought were now ruled out. Like building this future me who has a smile on her face and is achieving all her dreams which seems so silly at the moment given the circumstances. And to thank everyone for supporting me unconditionally. So those are my whys. And so I don't let little me who imagined absolutely no ceilings down. To prove that I can and that I'm a great person even when it doesn't feel like it.