What are your pre-study habits that gets you amped up and moving?

Kitty F.
Having a peer/accountability partner with a similar wavelength/set of interests gets me excited. Then to make sure I actually get moving, I set mini deadlines. Doing a vision board/life assessment and setting short term and long term goals helps too 🙂

Edgar O.
I'm trying to find out it with Faboulous. I often use my vitamins magnesium, vitamin C, I think positive itc. stretch a little but for me usually it's not enough. I need to be more motivated.

R My E.
I would say try to study during the day when you have amped up energy. Most of the people like to read early in morning but everyone is different.

Calvin J.
For me personally, that one’s easy. I am naturally curious and have slowed down as I get older and life gets busier, but for most of my life I have read an average of two books a week in addition to that that scholastics required. I have been blessed to be a part of research proposals and skilled in my profession. The problem I have ran into here is not getting caught up in every little thing that catches my interest. I struggle pulling myself away from learning everything about everything. It can trip me up On maintaining timeliness with everything else and then I start writing about it. But, having said that, I have never regretted learning. It has added measure beyond measure in a wonderful life that I can’t believe I actually had the opportunity to live out. And still do though MS has brought more limitations. How great to have crossed opportunity while young and to keep saying yes. It’s made all the difference so never be afraid to give it your best for life comes but once and then it’s gone and oh what a beautiful ride it is. To truly enjoy, you must be willing to be curious and adventurous and explore. Fear has no place in a life well lived though we all see it in our neighborhood. Never answer the door to it. My goal now is to die living and not live dying. A beautiful beautiful life. 🙂

Charlene X.
I make myself a cup of coffee. It's kind of a reflection or a residue of calmness and joy for me. Helps me clear my mind, turn the world off when needed, and focus; with a free spirit.

Luis J.
Any time I need to study, learn a new skill, or amp up a skill I have, I always start with writing my intentions in my journal, followed by 10 minutes of meditation. This helps me in getting my head straight, resetting and preparing myself to be mindful in preparation no for what I’m about to learn.