What are some good study techniques for someone who is struggling with depression and with that, lack of motivation and the need for extra sleep! Thank you!

Holly J.
Making a playlist to provide an upbeat rhythm sets a mood for focus, motivation, and ambience to transcend your progress.
Richard B.
Take one day at a time and celebrate small victories. Make time for yourself and don't try and do to many thinks at once. If you are struggling to keep to a routine remove the things that are working or reduce the amount of time spent on then so it's not so much of a commitment
Carla O.
Don’t be your enemy. Be your advocate. Be grateful of tiny bits of progress everyday. Don’t underestimate what you can achieve in 5 years and don’t over estimate what you can do in one day. Start exercising. Try to find what is the reason for lack of motivation. If u are anxious concentrate on it. Do yoga, meditation. Don’t numb yourself with watching TV or playing games. Have a big goal for your year, month and small ones for your weeks and day. Don’t over plan your day and at the end don’t expect to change in one day! Be patient. Have fun. Drink more water. At the end let yourself to be sad, depressed, bored. That is part of being a human. Good luck friend.
Modesto C.
I’m certainly not an expert but I would suggest that going for a walk for at least 20 minutes would prepare your mind for studying. The fresh air and the exercise is beneficial for individuals suffering with depression. Give it a go ! I hope that it helps.
Wilma J.
The best tip is: take care of yourself first. Then go study. If you are depressed, go see a psychiatrist. It helped me a lot!
Lara Y.
I think the key is to establish small, attainable goals. Maybe start by reading something for 5-10 minutes and sharing what you learn with someone.
Also choose something that sparks your interest! Then it won't seem like a chore.
Emma U.
I myself have gone through a time where I was depressed and had to study for exams.
My advice on study techniques is first, you need to get some good rest before hitting the books. I put on my diffuser with some lavender oil, have a nice cup of camomile tea and some meditation music. That got me in a relaxed space that assisted me in falling asleep. I would wake up in the morning and go for a walk and point out things to be greatful of. I found getting into the swing of study was a bit more bare able. I set myself a to do list for study. I wrote out what I wanted to get done but I didn’t put pressure on myself to nail it on the first few days or week. It all takes time and patience. Start off little with the things you want to study for and give yourself credit. Just know that everything will be ok and you can get through anything. If I could get through that tough moment in my life I believe anyone can. I have faith.
Jack U.
I find that when I really am struggling with motivation I pick a small reward for myself to receive when I have completed my task. Before starting I also write down EXACTLY what I want to get done as to not cheat myself and fall short on progress. The reward is usually an iced coffee, small piece of chocolate, or doing something I think is fun. I find that when I sit down I also like to keep tea (hot or cold) by my side for those moments when I really stress out and want to quit. Taking a few sips help to recenter and focus me back on the task at hand. As for lack of sleep I would try to take a short 30mins nap before doing work or studying. However, I do understand that our lives are busy and we need to prioritize our time. You can try disconnecting from your phone for the day. I find that this TRULY frees up so much time. I hope this helps and I think it is so great that you are taking steps to better yourself mentally and physically! 😁
Julian O.
A regular sleeping pattern is a really good way. Naps also help.


As with studying, research shows that if you can focus for the first 40 seconds of a task, the rest is much easier! Chris Bailey’s book Hyperfocus contains some really good tips. Alternatively you can google him – I think he has a blog.

Make sure you are eating well and getting exercise. Time away from study is just as important as time spent studying. Take some time before to predict what might come up in your reading, and take time afterwards to reflect. Certainly no screens immediately afterwards. The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. I understand this isn’t possible all the time, especially not when there is lots to remember. So another way to tackle learning is to identify your learning type. Maybe you learn better by seeing images, or by doing something. Take some time to consider which might apply to you, and experiment with different things. There are online quizzes you can take but, as suggested, you learn better by finding something out for yourself.

I am a teacher with a study tips website and am very interested in this. I have read many of the books and research on it. These tips are the best place to start, but there is lots and lots of advice out there, mainly in blogs and books.

Try stuff out, that’s the important thing. Keep refining your technique, and don’t stop just because you think something is working. Keep refining it, because nobody is perfect.

Charles C.
I look for the smallest of blessings to uplift my spirit , a blue sky, maybe a puppy, a smile
from a stranger at the grocery store. I dwell on those simple blessings and use them to motivate me to keep on track and remember my purpose. And then I smile at sad looking strangers at the grocery store.
Cody O.
I use the website/app called quizlet. It makes learning and studying very short and quick, but you still learn everything the same as if you were to use a longer method of studying.
Olga Z.
First of all getting some nap time before you begin studying to refresh your mind from all the stresses you may be thinking of. 30 minutes of that will do. Then drinking lots of water while studying help get rid of fatigue and keeps you going. Reading aloud to yourself also keeps you motivated to studying and hyping yourself up while you're at it. Using colour could also help brighten your mood. Also don't forget to take breaks! This is very important to you mental well being and when you do take a break make sure you do something fun like dance around to your favorite song in your room or sing a long to your favorite 'old school hit', just generally enjoy yourself while studying and take it but by bit don't let the amounts you have to study pressurize you or create stress. You'll be okay!
Rico I.
If you need extra sleep go to bed earlier in the evening, it will help you a lot, and don’t stay in bed for too long, rather go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 8 am, if you’re tired during the day take a nap, rest for 45 minutes. Listen on YouTube some motivation videos, there are so many and it will help you a lot. Listen to some motivation and chill music, don’t put it too loud. Try to realise what can you do and what you get if you study and try hard. I hope this helps.
Oscar P.
I don't have any appropriate knowledge for how to handle depression. Every human has ups and downs, bright days and very dark days. When I am having very dark days, I act…I do. I do little things that aren't difficult but keep me moving…make my bed, walk the dog, do some dishes. I also try not to fight the darkness but observe and respect it. I try to marvel at it and find it's usefulness. I imagine (whether true or not) that it has a purpose. When I have to study or work, I set a timer. I can do anything for 20 minutes. Then I do nothing for a few minutes but breathe. Then maybe I do something that I think will make my environment nicer, e.g. dishes, then sit back down and set the timer again to repeat the cycle.
Ernest U.
I am not an expert on depression, so I find it difficult to answer! During a more difficult time in my life I used my study to focus on something positive, so it can be very helpful to have a study to help you move forward in life. Even little steps every day make a BIG difference in a year. I study an new language for 15 minutes a day and have learned so many new things without losing sleep over it.. my motivation is that I am visiting this country and want to understand the language to be able to socialize. So if you have a positive goal with your study, it will keep you motivated. Using apps that remind you and keep you challenged is a great way to remain focussed too (for my language I use Duolingo, briljant app that keeps me connected and involved)!
Lori U.
Start with small steps. 15 minutes counts, if not 10 minutes, if not 5. If you can get yourself a 5 mins in the zone time, you are winning! Then try to extend , can I do 5 more minutes? How about 10 more minutes? Each day you didn't quit is a victory! Celebrate that strength and thank yourself for striving through!
Ida Z.
First of all, get some sleep. You must be rested. Then address depression by changing your behavior. Put positive stickies inside of cabinet doors that give you messages you need to here like, “It takes courage to fight your battle and yet here you are doing it successfully!” If you have any encouraging notes from friends or coworkers, cut out the part that has especially touched you and hang it too in hid away places where you will see it when getting down a glass or lotion. Make yourself laugh daily even if forced. Watch funny movies and Exercise. Eat healthy and wear that which makes you feel good. Fix your hair and makeup even if you don’t feel like it or won’t see anyone. And even if you live alone, put fresh flowers on your table every week and play nice music and enjoy your own company at dinner. If that’s too hard, play an audiobook or podcast but enjoy your meal and give compliments to the chef. Write a thank you note to someone once a week and keep a gratitude journal every day writing three things your grateful for each morning and five at night before bed no matter how hard you have to think. Talk to at least one person a day, even if a stranger and inquire of them, sharing none about you, just listening and smile at someone every opportunity. All of that will kick in dopamine and serotonin and all your feel good hormones that will support you in healing from depression. Use those audiobooks or podcasts as inspirational such as Ted Talks, Marie Kondo, or whatever it might be for you. And reward yourself when you do the smallest thing. You will find yourself genuinely smiling, motivated and enjoying life one day.
Kim Y.
You can go on Pinterest/tumblr/instagram and look for people being productive,look at YouTube videos of people being productive,and I use to have depression and that’s what I usually look at.
Alison E.
The biggest thing is to start and when you are depressed that can feel like the longest process in the world and it can be but you can change that. By physically getting the books or papers out of your bookbag, and opening them to the page you need and something that helps me stop obsessing over motivation because sometimes you just have to start to do things with only a little motivation and while you're studying, you'll read a sentence or answer that first question and it's like magic. Motivation will build and if it doesn't as quickly as you expect. It's okay, this isn't the last time you're going to study and completing a study session may be what you need to get motivated so hang in there 💗 Something that has helped me is to is to tell myself "I'm not ganna want to do this anymore in the future than I do right now in this exact moment, so get up and do this ". Even if I do something unenthusiasticly, doing it makes me feel better. I hope this helped a little💗🌸. Good luck 🍀.
Hana O.
Gratitude! I will do all my best and at the same time have a surrender heart. It releases me from all kinds of worries and negative thoughts. I have to pause and see that there are so many others that are more unfortunate than me. You are steering your life, not others. If you decide to wallow in despair or self pitiful, then no one can help you. Seek help if you've to. Get up and start doing something in your life not for others to admire you but for yourself only. To motivate ourself, mingle with people that are more successful, smarter or richer than yourself.
Amanda J.
Spend time in nature, do yoga and eat healthy wholesome foods.When your body feels good, it shifts your mind to feeling well aswell
Angel E.
Create a routine and Agree to at least do five minutes of work at a set time. More often than not I end up continuing on to ten, fifteen, thirty minutes. But five minutes is better than none and it’s not as overwhelming as committing to longer windows of time. Start small, grow day by day.
Benjamin F.
Play Solfeggio Frequencies while you study 📖. I recommend 432 Hz. It helps open your mind and keep it relaxed so you can fully take in information the way humans are intended
Tilde B.
Hi! I was really struggling with almost the same problem for around 7 years…. and a year ago I remembered one small technique my mom used to teach me during my high school. That was a 30 minute nap in the middle of the day (5 or 6 pm). And that worked for me! I could refresh my memory and focus on what I was doing. The other one was a glass of water next to me. I was slowly drinking and that would give me calm and concentration. Goodluck!!!
Joy C.
I’ve been blessed to be sown into by some very extraordinary individuals who’re very holistically successful. I would say find a mentor, they’re unbelievably beneficial. Aside from that, I can speak from some of my own experiences IDepression is serious and tough. It makes you want to do nothing. See no one. You will never find motivation in the middle of depression which is a dangerous spiral. The best cure for depression is actually helping someone. Most people aren’t able to help financially so I’ll just rule that out and say go give 5 people genuine compliments. Go out of your way to hold the door. Go to your local soup kitchen and serve. Volunteer somewhere. None of these are study habits but they’ll help you get out of a state of unmotivated depression whether you agree they will or not. There’s been studies on giving selflessly. Best wishes.
Carlos E.
Personally I deal with depression and one thing that really helps me is drawing! YA as far as a motivator just help thinking long term 😁 bc if you keep it up eventually you get over the depression and feel better 😊😘you cam draw how you feel and the date that you drew that and then reflect on your better or worse days, also journaling is a big help, just write your feelings! No one else has to read it, it's just your thoughts, same with drawing, you don't HAVE to show anyone if you don't want 😊 hope this helps btw I'm 13 years old
Alison E.
Break things down into smaller pieces and study one section at a time. You could also make flash cards and put the word on one card and the definitions on the other card and play a matching game with it. All you have to do is pick up a word then find the definition that matches that word. You could also study with a friend or a parent. If not you could also study with your teacher or someone else that you may know and trust.
Nevaeh J.
Force yourself to exercise a few minutes every day. You will slowly increase your minutes. After a couple of months, you will feel less depressed and sleep better. Exercising was a miracle cure for me.
Samantha C.
Oh my goodness, those are tough obstacles. They could all be related, so I’m thinking of a way I approach the same situation last year. I practiced visualizing The ultimate result I expected to achieve from my studies in great detail. I pictured myself in a particular outfit, with a particular color vehicle, with a particular haircut, enter acting with particular people in a particular work setting, as a result of my studies. In other words, I pictured my ideal work setting. I also pictured the Results from that idea work setting, including happy coworkers and a happy home life, you could imagine whatever that looks like for you. The visualization is very important. By doing that, you will actually handle your motivation, your low energy, and probably your sleep. As a result, you may also handle your depression. Good luck!
Rosano A.
Im struggling with both to do the best you can take your time and break your study session down to limited time focus on one thing at a time
Bobbie Z.
Study soon before you go to bed. Scientific proof shows that you remember things better before you go to bed. Also go to bed early and when you wake up stretch and drink water so youre energized. When you study, have a jar of m and ms or skittles next to you for when you memorize something/ get a question right you reward yourself with the peice of candy. Lastly, take breaks and dont wait to the last minute! Taking breaks helps you relax and reel yourself back, sometimes you confuse yourself while studying so by taking breaks you can come back with a fresh mind and you make have some more idead. Lastly, dont wait to the last minute! Studying the night before will cause major stress. As soon as you get notes study them! If its not on the test, oh well you learned something! I hope this helps. Good luck.
Emily I.
Depression is really rough. I have suffered from chronic depression since I was 12. Get treated. Before anything else, get treated. Do the work to find out how to feel better.

Besides that… make sure your expectations are realistic. If you are depressed and working on changing that, you may not have the energy or stamina to study as much or as many hours as someone who isn’t ill. Just like having a cold having depression is real.

Are you setting things up so you succeed. No distractions? Plenty of time? Knowledge of how you learn and using that knowledge to decide how you study?

Find a tutor or mentor if you need one. Try different things and find out what works. We are all different and all need a different combination of things to learn.

Are you trying to learn something you care about? That really helps.

Have you scheduled studying in the best part of you day? When you have the most energy and ability to concentrate. Do you put it off for days so if there is a deadline you can’t give it your all?

Change those things. But first of all… treat your depression.

Ida C.
I think you needn’t any special techniques cause the app helped me to solve some of these problems.
I became a lot more more optimistic after creating productive schedule (running, deep working, meditating etc.). The knowing that I grow more and more as person really motivates.
Only you can solve a lack of sleeping. You’d prepare to sleep before it’s 1 am. Plan your day to get your tasks done and do everything else so you will keep up do everything before the time you got to sleep.
Sleeping is very important, really.
Good luck and organize your day full of great tasks so you won’t have time for depression and unmotivated mood!
Jen C.
I suggest finding a therapist. Medications can help significantly. In interim use Pomodoro app to help you focus in short spurts
Axel E.
First of all you should know feeling like this is normal, so many people going through the same thing! I had do deal with depression and anxiety a while ago. I'm not an expert but here's what I did. Firstly, you should trick your mind. For example when you woke up feeling tired and sad, you should say to yourself "that's a good day and I feel really good" you can eat a healthy breakfast and watch the clouds etc. Believe me it will be hard and meaningless at first, but then you will feel that good vibe which will help you in every situation. Also, you can try different things while studying. You can get your favourite snack or you can listen a song that will boost your confidence. Or maybe you can try studying outside. Make colorful flashcards, buy that amazing pens or get a new notebook which really makes you happy. All of these things may seem unimportant but believe me these little things made me happy and studying become fun for me!! And one last thing, make a to-study-list. The more you finish your tasks, the more you feel successful. When you look at your list at the end of the week you will say "Well done to myself because I did ALL OF THESE THINGS and I'm proud of myself" you will feel great day by day. And you can give yourself a little award for being strong and finishing the list. It'll help I guess. The only important thing is MAKING YOURSELF HAPPY! I know you can do this, take care.. -G
Clotildes Y.
I learn best first thing in the morning so I prefer to study and read in the morning and waking up early instead of staying up late to study and read.
Debbie U.
Well first of all you are supposed to get some extra sleep and then you could watch some YouTube videos about what you want to learn and study for the day and if you’re a light sleeper what you can do is you can plug in some headphones and listen to some YouTube videos if you’d like and if you’re a heavy sleeper you’re most likely to not hear anything while sleeping so don’t do that unless you are sure that you’re a light sleeper if you’re not sure ask someone who has lived with you and you could also read some wepikidia info about what you want to learn or study. I hope that helped
Violet T.
I struggle with depression and I need to have a schedule for everything so I know what to expect from each day. It's also extremely important to only take on what you can manage and to realize that some days you might not be able to do everything that you need or want to get done and that's ok because you can't be on top every single day.
Tristan W.
Sometimes a nap is completely necessary! Our bodies are really good at telling us what we need. I find that when I am tired or unable to focus, laying down and resting my eyes for a few minutes helps .Sometimes taking a short walk outside or eating a healthy snack can also give me needed energy to get through a study session.
I also like to break up my studying so that I am not sitting down for hours doing only one thing. Plan to fit in some time in the middle to do something that makes you happy!
Germana Y.
Let’s see when I’m unmotivated something I do is set a timer for like 15 minutes. 15 min is short and you can do a surprising amount in 15 minutes. Which helps motivate you to keep going. Exercise is my go to for depression and to improve sleep. I had a shoulder injury a few years ago which really messed me up couldn’t exercise normally couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I got a Fitbit which helped me track steps and sleep. Walking more helped on the exercise front and I found that my sleep steadily improved. The Fitbit helped me not panic at bedtime for some reason
Christina T.
Hello there. First of all analyse your thoughts, your inner dialogue, are they positive or negative, what emotions they make you feel when you think them – fear, anger, resentment, guilt, shame. What is it that you're telling yourself on a daily basis? Write them all down. Take your time getting it all on paper. I found books by Gill Hasson very helpful in that area, he has loads of books on different topics of emotions and provides easy techniques to counteract negative thinking and more. Once you start changing your depression thought patterns, then find some resources about setting goals – that helps with motivation as you have something to pursue and achieve. Great book I can recommend is 365 days of self-discipline by Martin Meadows (I read it every day and keep learning something very useful from it) Now about sleeping, sleeping is good and will be the best if you go to bed and get up at the same time every day even on weekends. If you find it hard to get up in the mornings, find an inspirational quote you can say as soon as your alarm goes off to inspire you and charge you for the day so you're more likely to get out of bed in a happy mood, have a going to sleep routine in the evenings – 1.no TV and phone serfing an hour before bed time, 2.dim all lights in the house, 3.no caffeinated drinks after lunch time (caffeine stays in your body for a very long time), 4.no exercise an hour and a half before bed time, gentle stretching 30min before bed is good though, 5.if you wake up at night don't turn the light on, go toilet in the dark for example. Our bodies love routines – do something every night that your body will associate with going to sleep, maybe have a short shower each night or read a book or meditate or stretch. Hope this helps. All the best. You can do it!
Thorben E.
You are asking to the wrong person, who is right now really struggling with mental health. But I would recommend to work on time management and motivation that personally comes from thinking about my future (like career) and especially-maybe unfortunately- from people’s expectations:( .