I have so many different interests (rollerblading/skating, swimming, running, traveling, learning, reading, writing, gardening, ect) how can I approach a big majority of them when I have other stuff to do.

Frederikke B.
Hey! I'm completely the same. Try not to fall into escapism by prioritising the importants tasks at the start of the day then start scheduling in the hobbies one by one. For example, read before bed by keeping one ready at your side. Have a word document saved and ready or a notepad when you feel inspired for writing. Schedule the occasional skate/swim session after finding a nearby facility and implement it weekly in you enjoy it. Plan a short or long trip anytime during the year to look forward too. If you are going travelling, be sure to opt for a low maintainence plant. I had a mint plant that needed water daily and died when I came back from a 3 day trip :(.
Hope it works out for you! It's nice living to the fullest.
Carla T.
Maybe you could assign them to weeks or specific days, like this week/day it's gardening week, and the next one is reading day/week. You could make a planner so you keep track of it.
Rosinete Z.
Make sure you’re not spending too long doing things that take time away from seeing loved ones and doing the things you love the most, you should make priorities for the things that you love the most
Kristina C.
For example spend one hour of Saturday for swimming or running and then spend one hour of Sunday for writing and learning that way you have time for most of them I think just expect traveling😂🤷‍♂️
Tom E.
I would suggest setting a small part of everyday for your interests.even if its for just an hour total everyday you can do it!you can do ANYTHING if you only believe in yourself and stay motivated. Remember ,most times the hardest part of doing anything is starting it. Good like friend:)