I read, study on an app on my phone; how do I not get distracted by texts; alerts, etc and next thing I Know I’ve been web surfing for 2 hours?

Edgar T.
If you get distract from your goal so easily, you need to learn how to control your mind for what you perceive the information in the daily life.
Fun G.
At first when I had this app, I had was super distracted and just laid there scrolling on YouTube. But, I learned trick to keep you focused. First, you go to the settings app. You scroll down to notifications tab. When you get there, you’ll see a bunch of apps. Tap one by one and disable the notifications. Or, select Do Not Disturb. It disables calls and notifications! This is very helpful. Once you finish your Fabulous time, turn Do Not Disturb off or able the notifications. Thanks for reading.