What’s the best way to learn a new language?

Sabri N.
Watch movies, listen to songs in that language memorising the lyrics and their translation, and when you are ready and used to you phone set it in that language. Grammar is important, but you must practice the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Alex U.
Actually listing is very affective way to learn a language, exact same when we were kids learning our native speaking language from our perants! Tada
You can speak any thing you want!

Sarah O.
I will be short and precise
Watch a lot of dramas related to that language!!
Another way to a perfect start off Is to learn alphabets

Shivani O.
To learn the language, first understad the culture of the people. When so ever enough intereet is developed, the language can be learned a lil easier. Use dictionaries, books amd application to get access. Speak it out loud to get the natural tone and accent of the people.

Nino E.
Learn the basic and go around people who speak the language and use it. You will suck at first but you will learn the quickest

Joe Ann T.
Repetition and relatively constant exposure. Write a journal in your new language, even if it’s very basic sentences, like “my name is blank” that’s a start! And watching Tv and listening to music in your target language. I’ve found that salsa and bachata is great for Spanish and K-pop is good for Korean.

Victoria C.
I think that the best way to learn a lenguage is speaking it with friends or family or, in the other hand, watching series or using apps in the lenguaje you want to learn. For example I speak spanish but I do at least one thing of those evey day, and I learn more and more like that.

Eckehard F.
In my opinion everyone first need the right motivation to start. Then if they want they can research pdf fails and other documents, notebooks, student books from which they can start with the basics. Then they can find theyrself a teacher and other way to study. It's also a good way to study the language by reading books, watching videos, studying about their culture.

Jennifer I.
The best way to learn a new language in my experience is to speak to native speakers or setting a certain goal about the language you want to learn. I think that there’s many ways you could learn a language but setting goals and socializing with native speakers really opens your mind to the language.

Felecia U.
duolingo can help you, duolingo has a lot of languages you can learn from, and it's very easy. you spend every day for atleast 15 minutes just for this app. it helped me a lot.

Bezawit U.
I’ve been doing Duolingo for Spanish and it’s been great. Just keep doing a little each day and you’ll notice you e learned a lot without feeling strained

Maryam R.
The best way to learn a language is continuity.It may seem difficult at first, but it will become your friend in the future.

Carl E.
Don't start thinking like you know it all,. Think like a toddler who is learning something new put your mind at that state.

Aiyana O.
The best way to learn a language that you're unfamiliar with is to start by learning new words and repeating them throughout the day to either yourself or another person. Another way is to have conversations with people who are either fluent or stronger in speaking the language than you are, on a daily or weekly basis. The key is to not be embarrassed by your pronunciation of words and being consistent in your learning.

Sophie N.
incorporating it into your everyday life. Watch movies in a different language (subtitles are fine), listen to podcasts or people speak in a different language.

Jean W.
The ideal way is to go to that coubtry and speak with the natives until you become fluent. The second best is to use YouTube. Maybe ask a native speaker if you know one about pronunciations. Practice whenever you have the chance. Complete sentences and talk to yourself in that language. Of course, textbooks and audio books can also help.

Mony U.
First of all it's very important the reason why you do that, when we start to learn a new language it's normal to give up after few time trying, but when we have the motivation behind us it will be quite different the way we get our purpose

Louane Y.
The best way to learn a language is to like the language that you pick to learn , to belive in yourself and to do the best

Alex N.
I think that there is nothing more effective than going to the motherland of the language that I will give ladies there, but this option is quite risky and not suitable for everyone, and can be replaced by high-quality training courses that include regular practices, for example, communication with a native speaker.

Kent P.
A gamified app like Duolingo might be just what you need. I started to learn Japanese 72 days ago and I am on a strike since then ! Take it slow, start with a few words, take a notebook and write every new word and phrase you learn. After a few lessons, copy again all the words. Then translate them. Then try to test yourself with some dictation like if you had a teacher and that was your homework. After a while you'll be able to understand a few words and phrases, maybe even some writing depending on how often you did the copy.

However good all the above may sound, I think the best way to learn a language is to have a motive. When I first started to learn Japanese I wanted to travel to Japan by the end of the year, so I wanted to at least be able to read the signs and understand instructions. Later on I found out that the travel won't be possible, so I practiced less, but kept it going. After a while it was a habit and it's important that it takes very little time in the specific app that I am using. So it was easy to keep up even without my initial motivation. I found out other motives later on, like not to break my strike, like I maybe I'll travel later so I should keep learning, like the excitement that I got when I started to understand the symbols e.t.c.

To sum up, start small then build up. How are you going to start ? Find a motive to do it ! Something fun like a travel, or simply look at the learning process with curiosity. "What new I am going to learn ? ", "I can understand this much by now ", maybe have a look at the culture of the natives. It is important to find out why you do this and then you'll see what moves you to keep up. Then it's just practice practice practice, first in writing or listening because it seems easier to me, then speaking.

Salvador E.
The best way? In this question, you can never ever ever go wrong with songs and movies. Joining a class or using some free apps like duolingo is not a bad way out too but let me tell you my secret way as an artistic person. Paint or make a sketch of anything and then write some beautiful phrases of the language that you're learning. Do not copy this phrase from internet. Write it by your own memory.

Cynthia F.
Use Duolinguo or take a class online or in your city – practice and consistency are your best friends. Listen to music or watch movies in this language so it becomes more familiar to your ears

Lisa N.
First – the motivation; when, where and how will it be used? A vision board, travel brochure, details of local groups for them at nationality so it becomes more accessible.
Then, invest in a tutor/lesson. Just 30 mins a week can feel like a huge confidence boost.
Finally, an app. One that has daily challenges so there are incentives to using it every day, even if only for a few minutes.
Listening to or watching programmes of that language will help to tune in to the sounds and phrases.

Zelaine P.
You need to learn the basics first.
Use some apps (I really like Duolinguo) to make it fun.
When you feel confident with the sounds of the lenguage (it can be tricky if it's very different from the ones you already speak) try watching cartoons and TV series with subtitles in the target language.
You can start with cartoons you already seen in your native language and then move to something new.
If you have some friends who are already fluent try some easy conversations to practice your speaking skills too.
This is a solid start.
You cannot skip the grammar which I think is best explained in grammar books. I just think that starting in a fun way will give you the motivation to do also the "boring" part 🙂

Tobias Z.
Learning a new language is best done by the basics. If you learn basic grammar and terms you can use that as a base to grow in fluency and accuracy.

Jane P.
I really found Duolingo very helpful, visual, intuitive, not schoolteacher strict, pleasant, engaging, on the level, something for everyone, makes me feel like I can do it. Most importantly, one needs a purpose or two for learning.