How do you drink water every day?

Marieluise B.
I like lemon water first thing in the morning and don’t allow myself amazingly yummy coffee until I’ve drank 24 ounces of water.
Taimara C.
I put it as part of my Fabulous routine.
I want to keep my streak, so every morning one of the first things I do is drink a big glass of water.
It is also part of my afternoon routine, but not my night routine, I find I wake up in the middle of the night if I drink right before going to bed
Bertram C.
I have ritualized drinking water this way:

When I wake up in the morning, I take 2 glasses of water first before I eat anything else. I then make sure not to eat any meal before taking 2 glasses of water.

This easily gives me the 8 I need for the day and time for my kidneys to rest at night.

On days that I work out. I take more than 8.

Andreas F.
Easy 🙂 I make sure to carry my bottle with me at all times. When it becomes an habit you just can’t be without it, it’s like carrying your wallet and keys!
Scarlett U.
I try to drink a glass of water in the morning, the early afternoon, early evening, and at bedtime. I drink partial glasses throughout the rest of the day. I find sometimes when I think I’m hungry, I’m actually just thirsty. I hope this helps.
Carol U.
I put a glass of water before I go to bed every night. The first thing I do in the morning is drinking the water I put beside my bed. Sometimes I put a slice of lemon which makes the water more fresh and tasty. You can try putting a fresh spearmint as well 🤗
Wanda B.
I usually work out so I have a huge bottle of water on the workout bike. And then at lunch I always have sparkling water.
Bendavid F.
I think of it as my fuel. By trying to leave a glass of water on my nightstand for me in the morning, it takes out the need for actually getting up before knocking out a task. Once I've finished the glass, I try to tell myself that there aren't any other excuses for me to hide behind and get up.
Arianna Z.
Drinking water for me was an easy process, in that it was a former habit that got shoved under the rug.

I've actually tried to cut out all beverages, including liquor. So I only drink water. On days that I feel like something sweet, I think about my purpose

Gauthier Y.
I just wake up and drink it, I am getting to where I enjoy drinking it because it makes me feel better, cleans me out makes my sinuses feel better. Sometimes I put a glass of water next to my bed so as soon as I wake up in the morning I drink.
Hans Erich U.
Sometimes i don’t drink water at all, and all the sugary drink makes me feel wierd. These time i prefer water afterwards. But i try to drink one cup in the morning and also when i’m gettin tired in school, it can help. I think, if you remember that you have to drink water, it won’t be hard to achieve this goal
Frank T.
As suggested I keep a glass of water on my nightstand and I drink it when I wake up. I keep bottle of water with me all day and by 3 pm I make sure I've had 32 oz and the rest I drink up to 9 pm
S Nio W.
Keep it w u. Carry a bottle . Make the water bottle accessible, bput tgem in different rooms if u have to. That way goung theough out ur day u see them and use them.
Aid E.
I have a large water bottle that I put my own labels on after the original volume markers that had been on it wore off. Each line I put on it marks off a goal amount to drink per hour. I used to have an alarm go off every hour to force me to check in and drink that amount, but I found it too distracting. Instead, I switched to an alarm every three hours, which is when I should have emptied the bottle and need to refill it. If it isn’t empty yet, I try to finish it off. Otherwise, I have to play catch-up throughout the day.

My goal is three bottles’ worth of water (about 90oz). To make sure that I’m not short-changing myself by overestimating, I use the bottle even when I’m at restaurants. Further, if I’m at home and decide I want a cup of herbal tea, I will pour water from the bottle into my mug to heat, rather than getting some from the sink, so (again) I can track my intake via my water bottle.

The only thing I don’t have set up is a good counting system so that I know which refill I’m on. I’ve considered using rubber bands; if I put three near the top of the bottle so that whenever I refill it, I can just move one down near the bottom. Once all three are down there and the bottle is empty, I’ve hit my goal.