What would be the best habit to include in our life to avoid the laziness?

Sara E.
It could be so many things. From getting used to doing some kind of exercise, to a hobby, to studying, anything that makes you feel good and that you like to do will be great!
Ngi A.
Well to the best of my knowledge, to avoid laziness you have to abstain from anything that makes you lazy. For instance watching movies, always sleeping, procastinations are ways that make you lazy so if you abstain from them, you will be less lazy
Zoey N.
The answer to lack of energy/motivation often comes in pushing past it with activity. I know it sounds counterintuitive but sometimes when I can’t beat a funk… I just have to decide to not follow my feelings, and instead do what’s best for future me. Try to work up in physical activity. Don’t overdo it, but yes, I beat laziness by having a scheduled time to do my workout. No matter how I spend the rest of the day, I can’t say I was lazy today!
Christine C.
Laziness/motivation is something I struggle with daily. I have a chronic illness and on bad days I have a had time getting going. For me, having a schedule to keep on Fabulous helps me to stay accountable to myself. My husband knows I use the app so that keeps me accountable to him as well in a way. Celebrate the small wins and take it one step at a time. Don’t eat the whole pizza. One slice at a time! I hope this helps!
Zac O.
Personally, I find that pushing my limits helps; being asthmatic and dyslexic, I try to push both physical limits and mental limits, I’ll go for a run/do push-ups when I have nothing to do, and I’ll try to read something in my office between work loads as a break. I read comics as they’re easier to process, but you could read anything you want.
Bertoldo C.
Set the 2 minutes rule. For example, you have to do a particular work or project or anything important, yet you lack the motivation to do it, persuade yourself to do it for two minutes. Consequently, you are more likely to continue what you are doing, and finally get things done.
But of course, easier to say then done. A good mentality and mindset is needed to be more disciplined and to conquer laziness.
Madison N.
Laziness comes from having less energy sometimes, so when you have more energy in certain ways, for example, sleeping for enough time, and eating healthy food, and drinking water. For me, I avoid laziness by having less screen time, because social media often is the reason I procrastinate and get nothing done, so I would recommend staying away from social media and doing productive things that you have fun doing!
Bibiano W.
Small steps can go a long way. Do as much as you can. Try not to give up and make it feel like your having fun and feel like you have achieved something
Crissy F.
Best habit is to spread your bed every morning. I know it's cliche to the whole getting your life together movement but it really works. There is just something about getting up early and tidying your room. It kick starts the day for you to be productive.
Noa U.
I think its wakeing up early, and starting your day whit reading. It helps me a lot. I also recomend drinking a nice cup of tea or a coffee, after that eat a good breakfast.
Elis T.
When you see something out of place like for example a phone charger on the ground from the night before, you pick it up right away, not promise to do so when you get up the next time from wherever you are. This has helped me do much and righting these little things all day long help me feel more energized and even happy.
Djalma O.
Wake up earlier
Because that made me much more energetic and there is a lot of time for me to do my works and duties
And then i can do what i want and enjoy to do them.
Swapna F.
Laziness is one of the most dangerous habit. In order to come out of it we need to have something that motivated us. Any habit that excites us, cooking, drawing, dancing, watching motivational speech or travelling alone. There are so many options. If we look for what works best for us and follow that is one way to get out of it according to me. One of the thing that helped me was i decided to stop scrolling through phone which made me lazier all these years. This helped me focus on other things.
Cris A.
Making your and as it start you doing things to full potential first thing and gives you one thing to check off giving you jurisdiction and momentum
Joshua U.
The best habit to avoid laziness, according to me would be to create a plan of action beforehand.
For instance, if you'd know what you're gonna be doing through out your day, then there's a 100% chance that you wouldn't be laying around the house because you're aware of your task.
Nur R.
Stretches as it helps to loosen tensions in the muscles and journaling on what ur interests are and what makes u motivated . Think of a positive outcome u can gain out of doing a certain thing . It can be intrinsic or extrinsic . Intrinsic is that it is for ur own personal satisfaction for example. For extrinsic is for example , u may get a gift or appraisal from parents if u score a1 for ur tests or if u automatically study . Slowly get use to it and dont overload urself with tips , use wat is necessary and applicable for YOU. hope it helps , good luck🦄🦄🦄
Tirso E.
A good habit To include in your life would probably be motivation, Positive thoughts, and also I wanna say healthy habits because healthy habits makes you Gain more energy. Making you Have more motivated to accomplish your goals and sometimes as mother with brand new baby It's hard to find the motivation to get up and study and to get up and give myself a shower and it's hard because as a mother but I still try and get up and study I still try to get up and take a shower I still try to get up and feed myself because I get up and I feed my children and I give my children a bath so I believe having A positive mindset good healthy habit and as much motivation as you can find.
Nora N.
It could be all sortsof things habits. I could write to express my feelings or my creativity, to practice my grammar and i could do ut to write down my journey to a better life! By this i could avoid my phone and be prepared for school also! I can read to let a cry out, feel happy, excited and so many other feelings i could also use this habit to learn new things! I can dance to let the stress out or to feel better or anything involved with my feelings!
Nikolaj W.
Thinking about our future and wishes and goals all the time but just thinking is not going to help us and make our wishes come true we have to stand on our feet and believe in ourselves and pray for ourselves and never give up.the point is being strong and let the brain leads heart is important to but sometimes acting lazy and rest but dont listen to it and keep going your future is right there you have to change you're perspective and look in another angle.no one achieved what they wanted without trying and you're not too❤
Fernanda E.
Meditation on tge mornings set you up for success then do un activity that you enjoy, dancing is for me, on summer going for a ride on my bike 🚲
Darlene J.
I guess it's a motivation? Like, try to find something that is tempting enough for you to be energized and motivated so that you want to work more. For me, I'll imagine the satisfaction that I will get in the future so that I want to finish the project. And then do it regularly.
Cindy F.
I've never really been a lazy person I'm not sure why. Maybe just being a motivated person getting enough sleep drinking water I just don't really I think the best tablet would be to achieve mental Clarity and ambition with can be acquired through prayer meditation study
Janka T.
Getting more focus. I can be distracted very very easily. But I'm working on it. I stopped doing everythun eles but studying fog that time when I'm doing any schoolwork. And this helped a lot, but it still isn't the best solavtion for my problem and I don't know what can I do.
Willow O.
Schedules. Schedule every second of your time. It will make you more motivated to follow your schedule. You can add some thing like: 3:00 – half an hour of lazy time. But then get back to it!
Ghazaleh S.
Waking up early is the best if you start your day productive you won't waste the rest of the day. although doing things right away is very effective too. As you start to do something the power comes along
Kristin T.
U need to be more active which for that u can drink more water exercise more productivity and that’s all that I can think about
Christian S.
Without learning and without doing anything is day waste as well as a time waste. Bill Gates, Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, have 24 hrs and as well as we have 24 hrs. But where are we? and where are they? just think about it. Everyone wants a high position, but everyone is being average. Focus on what you are doing. And prove them wrong who insult you . Always wake up before the enemy is awake to have a start.
Mathew J.
In my opinion,the most significant habit you need is to love and accept yourself in order to be able to get motivated more and more everyday to succeed your goals,so you need to work your mental and psychological health
Priscilla X.
Stimulation is key. If you pick up a habit every day to stimulate yourself mentally and physically, you can make a difference. Picking up a hobby, taking a brisk walk or doing jumping jacks, even sitting down to read a book for 30 minutes can get your brain going and your body will respond to this habit in a new way with energy. Make a habit to stimulate yourself with an activity away from the social media and television set. Make a habit to release yourself from the technology and this will be enough motivation to stimulate your mind in a different way.
Mills J.
Okay, so according to me the best habit which we should include in our life could be skincare or music! I've also tried this up and its really amazing! You should also try this and let me know how it changed you! 🙂
Stanley J.
Have a to-do list! Set alarms for different things. Realize that no moment will ever come back into your life: every second, minute, hour is unique. You only have one life. You don't want to spend it lying on the couch. Set short-term and long-term goals. Talk and hang out with your friends and family. Drink water, a lot of it. Or just get up, just do it, and go for a walk to boost your energy! Take time to analyze your actions.
Adifah N.
EXERCISE!! It is not essential in the morning any part of the day but makes sure you are constant you can go on a walk, workout, play your favorite sports, yoga, gym, etc I hope it helps you ✨
Tos X.
The best habit to include in your life would be taking some time for yourself, going for a walk for example and simply paying attention to what you see and hear! I find that listening to birds and looking at flowers or trees etc purifies my mind and helps it to transform any of the negative energy I had beforehand into something soothing and positive. Of course you don’t necessarily have to walk, simply stopping for a second and listening what the world is like when your mind isn’t busy on a task really helps your mind to just calm down for a moment. Soothing your mind not only comes from meditation but also from simple things like this, that is why I love the remedies this world has to offer, it’s beautiful and simple.
Patricia I.
The best habit to avoid laziness would definately be the daily exercise habit. However, i know that is not for everyone. Sometimes having lots of shorter challenges throughout the day works just as well as it means you will stay active because you have things to do. For example going on a short walk , meditating and then studying or cutting calories is a goos way to keep yourself from being lazy all day.
Hannah C.
To be consistent, when being more consistent it’ll become easier to do things that you procrastinate doing because you won’t think of it as a chore, but rather part of your routine
David S.
That’s a trick question. In your life, laziness is just another word for procrastination. And you can’t only have one habit and expect it to change your life forever. You need many tiny habits and routines that make your life just a little bit more productive. If you look it up on YouTube, there are tons of videos showing what works for them.
Sorry V.
In my opinion, exercise! I do the 1 minute quick one built in fabulous on busy days. If I have time, I take one from youtube.
Emma T.
Exercise! Just 10 minutes a day as a start. It revitalises your body and mind and help you focus better. Start with small, easy challenges and build up the best defense against laziness and inactivity.
Dalya N.
I would say motivating yourself with praises. For example, after solve 50 questions you can play your favourite video game..
Kate I.
I think that this is personnal. Some people would have a habbit like reading to avoid laziness while others would have a habbit of sleeping early. (I like to sleep early, modt of the time I go to sleep at 8.30pm. To avoid laziness you can also have a good planning on what you will do that day or week, if you know what you have to do and you know when you'll do it you will most likely just do it.
Yogita T.
1. Wake up early and feel the air and watch ⛅ sunrise
2. Take a bath with cold water 💦 It will work for your laziness
3. Do some Exercise it will help you for refreshing.
Albert A.
1% rule. You basically tell yourself that you will do only 1% of a certain task – for example: “I’ll work out only for 5 minutes” or “I’ll try to write this article for 10 minutes”. It seems easy and it convinces your brain that you’ll commit to a really minor task – so no need to stress about it. The point is that there’s a high chance that you’ll just get caught up in this task and in the process understand that it’s actually not as bad as you thought! And end up spending at least an hour on it (which also will just pass by). Another tip – set a timer. It might seem pointless but it works! Whatever task it is that you have to do, commit to 30 mins or an hour or however you might want to spend on it and set a timer for that time. The key here is that this time limit often makes us work more efficiently and notably improves your focus. (consider removing distractions like your phone, put it away in a spot where you don’t see it. So that there will be no urge to reach for it)
Silas Y.
Making your bee in the morning and preparing your bedroom by opening up your bed in the evenings. This habit has helped me avoid falling into the cycle of laziness
Ziham U.
I don't know, but maybe be organized first make sure everything is in it place the way that you like it to be then lazy ness will go away
Arnold U.
To stop procrastinating especially because i will be in senior year next year and i want to graduate with the best grades i can earn.
Mario C.
Avoiding laziness is difficult because brain need for time and energy to build a new neuro-path in itself.
The best thing you can do to avoid laziness is doing what you want to do without too much thinking. Sometimes when we think to do something we spend energy to imagine the results of our action when we lose the cognition of what we can do now.
Remember: the most difficult thing to do is doing something. Time will pass and all will be easier but starting something new will be always difficult. Just focus on doing and not thinking.
Salazar I.
Sleeping early at 10:30 pm will make you wake up early at 6 am and you will feel refreshed and you will do more work during the day
H C.
The short answer is learning to enjoy whatever you do/ have to dot responsible for.
We tend to procrastinate whatever we think will bring harm/ negative feelings. Change the way you think about a problem and the problem will become a stepping stone forward. I remember a saying like this: "The problem is not the problem. The problem is how you think about it."
Another thing that helps is a routine and schedule. When I don't know what to do next and how long to do it, I often find myself staring at my phone aimlessly or just stay sleepy and demotivated. If I know what to do but do not set a restructed timescale, it often takes much lnger than needed to complete (Parkinson's law) because I'm likely to try to explore as many options as possible and try to make things perfect. This is helpful when learning, but is counterproductive when performing a task.
Zza T.
We should study instead of complying with our laziness and act of procrastinating. But there will be a time where we just want to lie on bed scrolling and doing nothing. At that time we can try to meditate our state of mind or just take a nap. It will increase our focus and energy.
Gilca F.
I would say to start your day doing something to energize, motivate, or to just wake yourself up for the day. Also, to avoid starting the day with your phone, but if you do, turn on some upbeat music to start the day.
Your A.
Exercise because it helps get your body moving and gives you energy. Also just staying away from screens will give you more energy
Ethan N.
This is such a broad question so honestly I’m not sure. I would consider eating healthily but probably adding movement to your life or simply some form of exercise. But to me it’s putting my all into whatever I am doing. Trying to stay focused on the thing I’m doing in the moment. Practicing mindfulness is something I have recently started doing and it has been helping a ton. Hope this helps.
Jacqueline E.
The best habit to include is going for a walk. It can be 15 min or 30 min or however long you want it to be. Going for that walk will give you the energy you need to get started on your day. You may also feel more energized or productive and it will allow you to do more things like clean your room, do some work or exercise even more. The smallest habits can lead to big habits.
Helmut Y.
The best habit is "drink water". I usually don't get up with the bed. But when I download these app I get more motivated and I get up that drink water
Philip U.
Making your bed in the morning as it gives you a start where you have done the best job for your first task it also gives you satisfaction and momentum
Marius Z.
I guess you could say stretching or yoga they start simple really, and make you feel really relaxed but energetic at the same time so I guess it helps at least to get your body used to moving instead of laying around and soon enough hopefully you'd at least have the will to mabey exercise for 10 min or less and then increase the time gradually when you feel like it. Hope that helped 😉
Lukas Z.
Meditation. It allows you a way to clear your mind and set priorities straight, by actively thinking about stuff and not just letting thoughts associate passively.
Aleyna N.
A hobby is an unknown talent until it is made known and mastered as one. A habit is anything as long as it brings pleasure and health. Not to just you, but others too
Rosie J.
When you think and bring excuses alot then you won’t be able to get over from laziness and there will be a huge distance between you and your goals. Kick the time and start from now! 🙂
Caroline N.
i would say journaling. as it helps your mind and makes you feel you achieved something and makes you productive for the rest of the day. i would suggest doing some journaling in the morning 🙂
Aleyna N.
Meditation is the better choise in which it wanders your mind to a new world, and makes you control your thinking, laziness, and stress..
Am S I.
Routines can help by getting yourself motivated at certain times for work or other things, it also helps regulate your circadian rhythm (your sleep cycle)
Apolline Y.
Meditation to clear our mind of clutter. And also reflection and non-judgement. To be specific, I think that if we all just approached things mindfully and attempted to understand situations, discuss them and were compassionate, life would be so easy.
Marcus T.
I truly believe to avoid the laziness and further complications, I should include exercise and meditation to my daily routine.
Linnea O.
I accomplish al' my work in the morning, so I can do what I want for the rest of the day. The morning is the time of the day where I feel most productive.
Safwan V.
A good habit for avoiding laziness would be waking up early and take a walk or just open your window,take some fresh air and view at natural scenery,be grateful and remember "Wasting time and hurting yourself for others is a waste of time"..
Alberte F.
Tembelliğinizin kaynağını bulup o kaynağı yavaş yavaş yok etmek gerekiyor ve hedefler belirlemek benim için bu büyük bir etken ve diğer en önemli etken ise çevre insan örendiğini değil gördüğünü yapar yani o yüzden ilk başta kaynağı bularak ona göre bir alışkanlık yapılmalı
Paris Z.
I personally love yoga to avoid laziness and also, having a good mindset when I wake up. I like to think of all of the things I could be achieving when I get out of bed.
Tib Rio S.
A health morning routine is the best think that can help avoid laziness such as morning yoga or maybe morning walks because once the mine starts fresh and active in the morning then the whole day will be filled with energy
Philip Z.
I’d think some short fun exercise in the morning to get you going and an hour of deep work with NO distractions to keep you going every day.
Epp I.
Clean your home. Even if it's just 5 minutes in the morning or evening, it can make a huge difference in your surroundings, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and tidier space sort of makes you do more.
Anton W.
Commit a few minutes every day to plan out your tasks of the day. Include it in your daily routine and give it like 10 minutes each morning. You list 2 to 3 tasks to accomplish that day and prepare your self mentally, how to best achieve them, reflect on whether they are necessary, address the 5 w's, who, why, where, when etc… Address the "Why' especially and see an opportunity in "every" thing ….
Kayanat U.
I think If a take a walk in early morning then it can help me feel energetic throughout the day and thinking about how I woke up and did some physical activity will make me realize that if at that time I could fight off laziness then why not now?
Ann U.
I believe that it’s not about habits to include but it’s habits to break. Instead of sitting down and scrolling go for a walk. Substitute the lazy habits for more productive ones.
Emeline N.
Well , I can’t tell much cuz I am super lazy , I see laziness from another perspective which is do not waste ur energy on some not necessary stuff just when u have a good reason for doing something just do it and if u don’t have that reason don’t waste ur energy or time
Alicia Z.
A great thing to do Is to go around your room or house and see if anything needs tidying cleaning or putting away another thing is organising thing and in to categories it is a great way to save time in the morning to
Kltoom L.
I want to study in regular base so I can avoid guilt and break the wall of thinking that everything is difficult, eventually being lazy and fearful.
Mariam A.
Exercising. Exercising doesn't only help you have your dream body but it also lets you to avoid laziness and feel motivated Every.Day.
Sarah E.
Don't procrastinate take care of problems in ur life and take care of things on ur agenda and make a list and check them off
Maria B.
Uhhhhhhh…. I think it would be to like stay motivated or like to get like 8-10 hours of sleep everyday. I think that because not only does sleep help you grow but it gives you happiness, now, as soon as your sleep decreases your happiness level will go down and no one wants an unhappy person. That also affects laziness because you are not happy you don’t feel motivated to do anything. Therefore, you get lazy. BAM! That’s my surprisingly long answer.
Mads B.
I would say try to find a hobby that you really enjoy and really want to pursue in and succeed at and really try to commit yourself to it. There’s also setting a screen time on your phone so you have to get off of it and do something else. 💛
Maria Y.
Sleep hygiene. Early going to bed and as a result waking up. Wake up doesn’t have to be 5 am, but earlier than the last alarm when you really have to start your day in a hurry. I thought of myself as absolutely not a morning person and would use this excuse to sleep in, but as I reflect now – it only made me tired and annoyed with myself. I still don’t start studying at 8 am, because my brain works better in the afternoon, but to my surprise I manage to accomplish more smaller tasks or finally have enough energy to take on the big ones.
Percy F.
I think avoiding social media as much as possible so you don't get stuck scrolling for hours, maybe replacing that with reading or exercise, those always make me feel more productive
Jessica U.
First, you have to find the way to please yourself. By doing so, you will find the way to encourage yourself, and to avoid laziness
Beatriz F.
In my case, hide my phone or just leave it far from me with the least notifications possible so I can't here and see it is the best solution 😉