How do I identify the optimal steps to learning something new?

Beverley I.
I start learning with fresh mind after a little rest change myself to a relaxed status.
Then recognize what I should learn.
Then I have to understand and link that to my knowledge.
I write headlines for memory.
I devide it to parts and repeat loudly and rythmically.
1-2 days later I recall and repeat again.
Byron P.
Step 1: I think you should think about the things that you are interested in

Step 2: Ask a question in that topic that you want to answer with research

Step 3: Do the reasearch!

Step 4: Make discoveries!

Julio Y.
You have to choose a new skill and repeat it every 2 days of the first week. The breaks in between will give time to reflect and imagine in the mind sort of preparing your self to mentally learn it in the head. Then when it comes to real your brain would have have memorized it already. And slept on it.
Calvin F.
First step be specific what you want to learn. What subject? What part of the subject? What part of the part of the subject?
Daniel T.
Think deeply about things that motivate you. How can you work those in as a reward. Reading is a goal in my list. Reading and writing are both rewards to me. Meditation and yoga are also rewards. How can you work in rewards? The more you associate positive emotions with your program, the more likely you will complete it. Also, utilize creating your own challenges. Make the program work for you. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and that is most often a motivator within itself. That helps me optimize my own steps. I hope you find it helpful, as well.
Lena N.
To learn something new like a habit, we should first have a decision to learn and why weโ€™re going to learn that habit. Secondly, we should start add this habit to our daily routine gradually, then we have to keep doing that habit even if weโ€™re tired or discouraged.