What are some things I can learn & study since I’m not in school?

Arnold O.
A few things I’m taking an interest in learning are: philosophy such as Alchemy since it can make you think deeper about the world, psychology, or you can learn a new language for example Japanese, but Latin could be useful too as many ancient books are written in that script.

Robert S.
Well, I think it all depends on your interests. I personally like languages so I’m taking the time to learn Korean. If you like math, then maybe you should learn some advanced math like calculus or advanced algebra. If your interest is writing, then you could write stories or search up prompts if you don’t know what to write about. I hope that helped!

Maria Z.
Language learning is always one thing that’s a great to learn outside of school, but learning different hobbies and instruments are fun too.

Gerald O.
Anything to better your skills in the workforce, reading for fun, a language, musical instrument, anything toward a hobby or interest; learning is limitless!

Naja B.
There are tons of easy ways to take classes online such as “the great sources online” khan acadamey. And tons of other apps. I find it really helpful. Reading is always huge.