What is the best time for studying, in your experience?

Apolo Q.
This will depend heavily on your own situation but for me, working a fairly consistent 9-5 job, I think immediately after dinner, between 6 and 8pm is a good window for study.

Dinner offers a nice break between work and study so you don’t feel burned out and by getting your studying in early, you leave yourself enough time afterwards to enjoy a guilt free reward – your favourite tv show, music, a book etc.

Otherwise, from experience, if you do the rewarding ‘fun’ thing first then you’re not really incentivising yourself to study and will likely put it off.

Alexis J.
I think you should choose time when you’re the most energized and focused. For me it’s usually morning and early afternoon, but for you it can be different. Give yourself a try and see!
Osmano Z.
Ideally for me it’s night time when everyone is sleeping‘‘when I start to to peak Less distractions. I wonder if there truly is a connection between our Chinese zodiacs and our power times. It is said that the ancient Shinobi used astrology to identify strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others.
Karen W.
I know for certain that everyone studies best at different times. My best tip for you is to track when you are most motivated and most tired during the day for a week.

When you found the times you study best, create a clean study environment. Make it organized and put all electronics away (if you need a laptop, block all unneeded websites). Make sure you have water or a cup of tea and maybe a HEALTHY snack so that you don’t have to keep getting distracted.

It’s best to study for a set time like 30-40 minutes and then have a 5 minute break where you stretch, eat a snack or talk with a family member. Watching YouTube and Netflix is not a break because your brain is still processing information at a high speed and that’s not good.

I hope this helped somehow 🙂 remember that motivation to study never just pops out of nowhere. It comes from building the right habits!

Valentin F.
It all matters on what your schedule is really. Whether you’re a morning person or night owl affects this too. The most important thing is to make sure you are able to focus on the task. The time & place you are least distracted and able to focus are key. You will retain more from three focused 10 minute sessions free of distraction than one 30 minute session where you can’t focus 100%.