How to read faster when you are not a antive speaker?

Divya F.
Work on your speaking skills , it’s going to take some time and moreover read and write in that language like if u r learning French or any other language try reading out small articles which u may get on google if you search ‘reading practice for beginners in French or the language u r learning ‘ !! Practice it and u will soon be good 😊

Raicca Z.
Eu vejo as palavras chaves e tento entender o sentido que elas fazem junto das outras palavras, e também, na frase inteira.

Cynthia W.
Don’t translate to your native language but rather learn the language you are attempting to read as formatted. More importantly; take your time. If you meant ‘native’ instead of antive then you may have been rushing and as a result became illegible. May be why you aren’t reading as quickly in your nonnative language.

Mar A P.
You have to read in phrases insted of word by word, so you don't have to look for every word you don't know, that will allow you to understand the context.
Also it helps to learn vocabulary every day in the drops app for example. 🙂

Mereana G.
By reading in your mind?because it seem that when your reading out loud you seem abit slow but when you read in your mind you seem like your reading fast.well that's I how feel to be honest.

Stella S.
read small sections of books and sentances for about 10-15 minutes daily or every other day and you will get better and comprehending and reading faster.

Daniella P.
I suggest not reading faster,but in really get into the character's perspective,or try and read it out loud,like it's a scene from a movie that you're featuring in.You can also train yourself,with different methods

V Rfoki M.
If there are words you don't know just leave them out. You will understand the essence of the test anyway and it's much faster this way.

Peyton F.
If your reading to people pretend like there all your friends but If you're reading to your self read in your head it helps for some reson

Camila O.
I like to watch tv shoes or movies in the language that I am trying to learn and try to pick up as much as I can or I tal to a friend and say an sentence

Annweta C.
It depends on which language you are talking about. If its English,then try to read by pointing a finger over the word in a sentence you are reading. It will keep you focus on the sentence, rather than diverting your attention to other paragraphs. In this way you may read,but for being fast,it will take some time.

Cassie T.
Did you say not a native speaker?
I will just take the first part of the question.

How to read faster.
Hold book farther away from your face.
Remove any distractions.
Focus on the subject you are reading about.
If you are not a native speaker this focus will help you to guess what a word might be.

Malthe F.
Try to avoid other distraction such as tv,music, loud places. Try to read in silence and concentrate on what you are understanding while reading.

Isabella O.
Well, I think that the only thing that works is exercise. Read, read, read; start small, even with kids' books, if you're not a native speaker, you'll find yourself improving and you'll be able to increase the difficulty of the books you're reading, and the speed at which you read them. Just give it some time!

Hugo B.
I think you should read more and more then you will realize that you can read more faster because you recognize words just seeing them

Laranya Y.
The truth just have some question in your head such as what happens next! So it would be easier to catch up reading fast!!
Thank you

Bella N.
Tbh read at the speed that you have because it doesn’t really matter, I read 50 wpm, which is frankly quite well not great but at lest I can read. Embrace yourself

Mills J.
It's not too easy to read faster unless or until you practice everyday! So practice daily from your side and you'll surely be able to do that!

Camila O.
I would suggest to read The Fault in Our Stars. This book really gives you the chance to open your eyes and make you feel grateful for your life and the people around you. It teaches you that life, yes, can be hard but as human beings we can overcome pain and grief through love. It's a great mix of romance, angst, hope, despair and joy.

Cord J.
For me personally if its the right song I get so much new energy from it like some sort of boost that let's you keep going

Kitty O.
I thing that the best method is practising. By doing this you can improve you skill, plus it has more advantages like pronunciation and learning new vocabulary. New words – better language.

Autumn E.
It is a slow learning process, you should start reading aloud to yourself in your room or in your kitchen, even reading to a pet, and eventually the skill will build and you’ll be able to read at an efficient pace

Alexandra Y.
There’s no need to read fast, if your at work then just make people aware so they don’t force you to read, and if you have to, take your time and enjoy the book/document

H C.
It always take more time in overall. If I'm interested enough, I will research the cultures, the way of thinking and speaking, expression, etc related to the contents that I'm reading. I even do that for fun during free time, just to know things better.
I would immerse myself in these information or try as hard as I could to imagine what it would be like. If I read a story, I like to try to role play in my mind and imagination to understand the characters on a deeper level. I was inspred by my literature teacher in secondary school in reading this way. The light novel series "Bungaku shoujo -Literature girl" also insored me in this way.
This will surely take time and effort

Connie Z.
I am not a native speaker but after watching so much films and listening to music in English I started to catch words and when I am reading it helps a lot.

Carolina F.
The key point is to develop this skill everyday. I use to read English all the time, not only for professional readings, also for personal stuff. Naturally you will reinforce your habit and in a couple of months you will see the diference.

Kent O.
Mijn favoriete boek? Moeilijk vraag…Ik las al vanaf dat ik een stuk jonger was, maar de laatste stijd doe ik het weer wat vaker. Het zorgt voor een ontsnapping van de realiteit. Ik heb een aantal maanden geleden een boek uit gelezen dat “Het donkere meer” Heette. Dat was een goed boek met een goed verhaal.

Dylan J.
You know it's depends from my mood. 😊🙂 most of all i like fruit teas. Tea with lemon, jasmine tea, and just hot milk in the morning it will be great too.

Ivelle Z.
Listen carefully to the language you want to speak, then repeat it after hearing it, after you make sure that you have mastered hearing and speaking it, write texts and phrases related to this language while hearing it aloud and read the paragraph. You will feel that you have mastered the language and fluently

Randall J.
It's about time, you need to fail for a while but then you'll realize the change you're doing day by day. There's no excuse !

Kasimir W.
Read it in ur mind, I don't think reading fast is good because you can't really understand the words that the book actually is expressing so it's better to read slow

Esther T.
You just need to pay attention to sentence structure.And know the basic conversation words.Also you need to do more listenings.

Camila O.
Maybe try reading on a topic that you like, that way you can start to get more experience reading in that new language and not feel too discouraged

Raya N.
Actually I’m a pretty slow reader myself. What helps Is to simply focus and practice a lot and it becomes less and less difficult the more you do it

Laura U.
My favourite one well I don’t the name but my favourite is when you stand up and reach down to your feet because it’s a really good stretch and I recommend it

Lina P.
My advice is to invest in listening tongue speakers speech. A language is just an archive of sounds. Read a lot of books, news and everything that it's possible to read. Learning a language is amazing becuase it increase the number of reading sources. Read out of loud and try to imitate the accent of native speakers.

Estela S.
Listen while reading, make it slow if you want, it helps your brain cope with the words. Also make sure that you understand every single word, if there is a word you don't know, look it up in the dictionary, if you still don't understand it, translate it back to your native language or make it into context

Zohra X.
English was not my first language. The only way to read faster is to start reading books in the language you want to learn. I started reading comics and books in English, and now I can finish books in a short time than when I began. Just reading a page or two a day will help!

Jim J.
Practice Practice and practice speaking more of the language..try to speak it whenever you movies or shows in that language.

Anna J.
Its easy when your doing sections of you body such as abbs, chest, biceps . For instance abbs you would do abdonomal cruches. Hope this helped. 😊

Sandy F.
I think you should practice to read and read out loud, try to use the subtitles with your favourite video or film that's will help too.

Heidi Y.
you can always read a book during your free time cause if you want to read faster you need to reading something other than that,you also can have more knowledge

Eliza U.
It will take some time but, with some practice, you can often do anything you want to, about that I mean it's not like you just can do it after a couple of times, everything takes time and you just got to have patient.

Kristiane B.
Use two finger technique in which you keep one finger on current word and other on next one. This will look like ✌. It will allow you to concentrate entirely on current word and the next word.

Lic Lia C.
Most definitely! A lot of plot twist and different genres. Mostly, pure comedy, action, sports, but cannot leave out the dramatics, tear jerking, romance, motivation, inspiration, international comedy , hip hop, so much more. But many lessons learned.

الاء اسماعيل N.
You need to read more to be able to read faster
Practice a daily reading routine for two weeks
You will be able to read faster and more efficiently

King N.
Hello! I am a native speaker giving points about how i improved my native speaking, and even i dont match up with you, hopefully these points will help!

1) Read a lot of books when ever you can — practicing reading helps you learn the words. If you dont know the word, write it down and either look it up as you go, or book mark the word you wrote down and look it up later.
2) Read aloud. — In the morning when your memory is most absorbing, or before bed. It can be a calming or an exiting practice based on the type of passage you choose. Calming ones like poems help me go to sleep 🙂 Webcomics are another fun thing to read aloud! giving each character its own voice keeps it fresh
3) Converse with native speakers! — This can be a fun way to learn; weather it be over the phone or just with a friend!
4) Remember to take it slow! — If you go too fast, you might miss a word you aren’t well versed in, and have to go back to relearn it. this usually isnt too troubling, but it helps in the long run to start slow.

Kimberly Y.
Concentration on what you are reading. Each word has a different meaning and in a phrase whatever the length you need to understand the way it is formulated. In a glance you can grab what is written. There is a purpose when you receive a mail, an article, a message or a letter. There is absolutely an idea which has to be passed on. Reading faster or reading slowly i think are not enough. You have to understand what the writer has wanted to circulate, to address or to say. That's the point for me. Whether you are someone talkative or somebody who does not like to speak, concentration is the key word. Grab positively the first phrase to understand the last one in whatever lapse of time given. Thank you.

Jesse E.
Don't compare this things. Read important word in sentence. And when you study more your speed become need more information checking my Instagram. @milad.pv1509

Nicholas W.
For me, it was about turning the games off on my phone by a certain time so I could start winding down for sleep. I found myself spending hours and hours playing games and getting nothing else done. I would stay up too late to "finish one more task" on the games and I wasn't sleeping well. So, I stop the games and when I'm getting into bed, I don't check my phone. I just put it on the charger and get into bed and turn on a meditation on my laptop to go to sleep to. You can also put your phone on "do not disturb," then you shouldn't see notifications on it. I am sleeping better now and finding myself to be more productive. Hope this helps.

Dania N.
Read as if your thinking. Like the words are just your thoughts. If your constantly thinking this helps calm your thoughts down and read faster. Skim the page a few times and then read it again to make sure you got everything. Skimming means to practically read through the page quickly and get the information you need. But when you skim your training your mind to read quicker but not to read all of it. Doing it a couple of times and reassuring you read everything, will make your mind process the words faster and will hopefully help!

Solayman X.
You should always train and read for 10-20 mins
This will help you a lot, and with the passage of time you will be very fast reader

Stjepan Z.
You need to try reading simple text everyday. Even better if it's a song so you can hear the words as they go. After a while you will notice that you want to read something more complex or bigger in sizes because you finish reading fast.

Radhika F.
Thanks for th question. I think I am quite the right person to answer this. So basically I'm an Indian and I love speaking in the American accent. So I wasn't that good at that accent but I'm in a habit of watching Hollywood movies a lot and I also sometimes try learning that accent from various YouTube videos. And that's what personally has helped me out. A thing you can do is whenever you think or speak to yourself try doing that in the language u want to be better at. So if u get a hold of it will be able to read it a fast pace too. All hte best to ya