How to read faster when you are not a antive speaker?

Mar A P.
You have to read in phrases insted of word by word, so you don't have to look for every word you don't know, that will allow you to understand the context.
Also it helps to learn vocabulary every day in the drops app for example. 🙂

Daniella P.
I suggest not reading faster,but in really get into the character's perspective,or try and read it out loud,like it's a scene from a movie that you're featuring in.You can also train yourself,with different methods

V Rfoki M.
If there are words you don't know just leave them out. You will understand the essence of the test anyway and it's much faster this way.

Annweta C.
It depends on which language you are talking about. If its English,then try to read by pointing a finger over the word in a sentence you are reading. It will keep you focus on the sentence, rather than diverting your attention to other paragraphs. In this way you may read,but for being fast,it will take some time.

Isabella O.
Well, I think that the only thing that works is exercise. Read, read, read; start small, even with kids' books, if you're not a native speaker, you'll find yourself improving and you'll be able to increase the difficulty of the books you're reading, and the speed at which you read them. Just give it some time!

Alexandra Y.
There’s no need to read fast, if your at work then just make people aware so they don’t force you to read, and if you have to, take your time and enjoy the book/document

Ivelle Z.
Listen carefully to the language you want to speak, then repeat it after hearing it, after you make sure that you have mastered hearing and speaking it, write texts and phrases related to this language while hearing it aloud and read the paragraph. You will feel that you have mastered the language and fluently

Randall J.
It's about time, you need to fail for a while but then you'll realize the change you're doing day by day. There's no excuse !

Sandy F.
I think you should practice to read and read out loud, try to use the subtitles with your favourite video or film that's will help too.

الاء اسماعيل N.
You need to read more to be able to read faster
Practice a daily reading routine for two weeks
You will be able to read faster and more efficiently

Carolina F.
The key point is to develop this skill everyday. I use to read English all the time, not only for professional readings, also for personal stuff. Naturally you will reinforce your habit and in a couple of months you will see the diference.