If you have kids,what time do you prefer to learn?

Gertrude E.
The tendency is to learn with some peace and quiet. It has been heavily on my mind however to get back to learning in clear view of the children. It’s healthy all round for them to see me do it.
Fane G.
No kids, however. Kids learn by the example set forth for them anything you do they learn from. Maybe you all can share learning time.
Lisa J.
It totally depends on if the kid is able to focus more in the early morning or late evenings and lifestyle. Though for me waking up before everyone else around 5am is the best time. No distractions and i'm able to concentrate more.
Dalila A.
I am a kid and the best time for my mom and I we do the work out half an hour after dinner. I hope that answered your question. Have a great day!👍🙂
Isabelle J.
I dont have kids.. i do work two jobs though and my things alternate. So every 5 days i get a chance to spend 4 hours a day studying towards my degree. If i had kids though and worked, it would probably be after they had gone to bed and do 2 hours a night.
Gaia T.
If the kids are small and stay at home all the day, I’d say during their nap time. If the kids already go to school, In the morning, when they’re not at home. Having them at home means having a big distraction around you.. dedicate afternoon and evening time to you and your family, while the morning to yourself only:))
Oct Vio S.
My little guy is only 4 months old so I've scheduled my day where during his last nap I do my school work. With older kids I make it their art time or reading time. It may only be 1 hours but at least it's something.