How do you combine alone time of studying with meaningful social interactions I’m a very social person and I really need people around me and have quality time with them the problem is that I can’t study in groups and that as a student I’m studying or following lectures most of the day. How could I find balance?

Alfred U.
I honestly spend most of my time at work. Speaking with my great work friends and then going to my own little corner to study seems to keep the flow.
Janet U.
You can have different kind of studying. We can study alone and you can have a group studying for three time per week, for exemplo. When you desire to study in groups we can answer together some exercises. Compare answer together it is amazing and helpful.
Jorge X.
Hi, I’m social person too!
But when i try to study i really forget everything and i just see me and myself. You can start with short time like 30 minutes and have a 15 minutes rest. With this you can focus more and forget everything.
Just try it, before this you should turn off your phone and social media😃
**sorry if i have a problem in my writing, i’m not good enough at English🤓😁**