How do you study?

Gabriel G.
I like to get into cumfy clothes and listen to music. Depending on the subject I do different things. If I have to read a textbook or book I have a snack with me like fruit and chips with water but if its math I snack on dark chocolate. I make studying fun so I don't always skip it cuz its boring. You do you!
Edinalva Q.
I'm learning a new language, so I study by reading, writing, listening and speaking that language, in many different ways.
For example I have joined a group for a passtime I enjoy, and the group speaks mmainly my target language.
I watch films, listen to the radio, read books and magazines, learn new words and phrases and grammar point by hearing them, reading them, writing them out and saying them aloud.
It helps me to reduce what I need to learn to the bare bones, because my mind has a tendency to wander in lesson times and I'm always tryng to use more complicated language than necessary.
I also keep going back to the basics.
Dragica Z.
I set aside 15-30 minute periods during the day to read or study. While I drink my warm water in the morning after waking up, I read a book for 30 minutes. During my lunch break, I study my Italian language. On my drive through traffic, I listen to business podcasts or audiobooks. Then before bed, I continue reading my book for an hour.
Isabella E.
I study when I can and generally that means at night for technical topics. Doing an online mooc presently which is inteeractive and I've ritualized doing it before bed. I am trying for a morning habit of language study but that's not so successful this year. I need to think of a better trigger.
Verena E.
I have dyslexia (I only learned this about myself after my children were diagnosed) so studying for me is a process. The way I study depends on what I’m trying to learn. If it’s heavy reading, I read it. Take a break. Come back and read it again while taking notes/highlighting. Take another break and finally I come back and read it a third time with my notes. It takes time but it’s how I learn. If it’s a video, I take extensive notes and watch it several times. I’m very hands on and make a lot of mistakes to learn. I also don’t believe there is only one way to study and taking many breaks is important for your brain to absorb what you’ve learned. Set a timer to limit your study session. Step away, take a walk or just go outside and breathe or do a mundaine task like dishes, laundry or vacuuming. This will help your brain pricess the new information.
Sylvia U.
read from multiple sources, write notes as i'm reading/listening, review my notes and rewrite clearer more organized notes.
Juliane U.
First thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, a glass of water and classical music softly in the background. I get two or three hours in before work most days.