How to start studying so I can maintain my focus?

Nicklas W.
for me, just start doing it and you'll get a momentum. also, employing a pomodoro timer helps. whenever you think of something else while in a pomodoro, just write it in a piece of paper labeled 'interruptions'
Victoire F.
Try meditation every day – it works for me and it is really simple – sit down comfortably where no one will disturb you, no need to sit in a yoga pose, simply on a comfortable chair with your back straight, feet on the floor and hands on the knees (that's how I've been taught) and breathe in and out slowly and concentrate on the breathing (counting your inhales and exhales to ten helps to keep focus as a beginner – count to ten and then another ten and so on) As soon as you catch yourself thinking about something – let it go and concentrate on the breathing again and so on and so on. Meditation is about noticing when the mind wanders off and bringing it back to the place of peace and focus. With practice it helps to focus and concentrate in other areas of every day life 🙂 also put your phone in airplane mode – hugest distraction while needing to concentrate – the world will not stop spinning if you go offline for a little while 😀 P.S. I use meditation app called Headspace 🙂
Armando R.
I like to study with other people around me. I don’t really know people that are working on the same things as me but it’s nice to have people there to hold me accountable, and when I need a good break they’re there for that too! It also helps to have them there to bounce ideas off each other or try to teach what I’m learning to them, so really we’re both learning something!