I’m trying to eat a great breakfast every day, but sometimes it’s so hard to choose what to eat. Can you give me advice on a healthy but quick breakfast? I’m studying at university and I don’t have enough time in the morning.

Tita C.
My quick options of breakfast are: muesli with almond milk, banana, blueberries &raspberries and honey. You can add almonds & Brazilian nuts. With the same ingredients you can have a porridge instead of the muesli but it takes two minutes to cook the muesli and you must clean the pot 🙂 Avocado on toast it is something I want to start preparing for breakfast. If you have orange juice you can have a glass and have a toast with some cheese. With more time you can do endless recipes with eggs, can have salmon and avocado or cheese. I hope this helps
Murat C.
My quick breakfast of choice is organic rolled oats with blueberries and nuts like walnuts or chopped almonds and raisins. First thing when I wake up I book some water and when it's ready pour a bit for green tea and the rest in my oatmeal. It's a very easy breakfast to prep, is filling and very healthy. Hope this helps!!
Jar C.
I'd recommend a banana and hard-boiled eggs, overnight oats, or chia pudding (all things that you can make ahead of time). You can also grab a small handful of nuts, or a Clif Bar!
Iwan U.
Forget the food pyramid. It’s junk. Don’t eat carbs for breakfast. Protein and fat mostly. I prefer to not eat breakfast—I fast for 20 to 22 hours every day and consume all daily calories during a two hour period. I typically make the late afternoon my mealtime so I rarely eat breakfast. I have amazing energy and extreme mental clarity all day.
Theresia U.
I'm usually running out to work at 5:30 in the morning, so I completely understand how hard it is to eat a good breakfast! Here's what works for me: I always keep healthy nuts (walnuts are super-powered!), raisins, whole grain bread, and lowfat milk or lowfat Greek yogurt on hand in my fridge. (Little yogurt cups, like Fage brand, are very helpful, as long as they have plenty of protein and not too much sugar or fillers like pectin. Too much sugar will make me lose energy fast!) The night before my work day, I set out 1/4 cup of nuts and raisins in a to-go cup or Ziplock bag. If I'm eating yogurt, I set the cups aside in my fridge or serve it up in a small tupperware, and add fruit (like banana) if I have time. I like to wash fruit and keep it handy in a basket, too, so I can add an apple etc. to my to-go bag. I also put 2 slices of multigrain bread in a tupperware or plastic bag. In the morning, I can toast the bread if I have time. I add lots of milk to my morning tea or coffee for extra protein. But even if I have no time, all I have to do is grab n' go with the food I prepped the night before, and eat my breakfast during my ride or when I get to my destination. The combination of protein, whole grains, and healthy fats really tides me over til my next meal or snack! I also try to take time on the weekends to prep other great breakfast choices, like hard-boiled eggs or tupperwares with rolled oats, milk, and fruit. Just remember to pack a spoon! 🙂
Flavie Z.
On my non fasting days I typically have fresh berries and yogurt. This lasts me all morning.
I buy my
Berries fresh and was them and divide them in containers so each morning I just grab a yogurt and my berries and head out the door. Berries are super nutritional and available year round. I eat a lot of berries….
Samuel Y.
I commute to work every morning at 5 and usually I'm not hungry right away, I make hardboiled eggs for the week and put them into containers with fruit coffee maker is on a timer so when I go to leave I grab my lunch for the day and toss in my prepare breakfast and fill up my travel mug. I eat at my desk after my morning workout.
Vicky C.
avocado on toast is a quick and healthy option. if you have access to a blender, a smoothie is a delicious way to start your morning. you could make a berry breakfast parfait or homemade instant oatmeal. there are many recipes and ideas on pinterest if these options don’t work for you. good luck
Isidro A.
Nut butter on toast or rice cakes with fruit on top is a good one. Also overnight oats, or make some egg scramble with bacon, egg, and cheese or whatever you like with eggs in a muffin tin the night before.
Brooke U.
You can’t beat a bowl of porridge. It only takes 3-4 minutes in the microwave. I like mine with cinnamon and raisins or throw on some frozen fruit and nuts.
Vickie U.
I always eat oatmeal! Specifically quick oats. Just add water, heat in the microwave for 1 min, and then add nuts and/fruit. Quick, simple, healthy, and delicious!
Adri O Q.
What I have for breakfast is instant oat meal. It doesn't take long to make, you just add the right amount of water to it and pop it in the microwave. It also makes small bowl so its fast to eat. If you don't like oatmeal, shot he very fast thing to make is a smoothie.
Esther J.
I would suggest you do some preparation the night before. Like few soaked almonds, sprouts would reduce your time while making sandwich/salad etc. Also invest in a good juicer grinder.
And yes as the wise doc says, make it a quick one, but the biggest meal.
Edelbert X.
Cornflakes with milk and some almonds are the better breakfast to have those who don't have enough time to have breakfast. And since you are a student, please don't forget to eat eggs in the morning, which gives you the protein and one spoon of honey will be good to have in the morning, and the plus point is honey is a brainfood. I hope this will help you..
Lisandra E.
I’d recommend you toast and juice/tea. If you don’t even have time to make this, you should try eating yogurt, (With fruits and other stuff you’d like.) bread, and maybe some jelly on it.I know it sounds lame, but it does keep you energized, and it’s quick.
Edith U.
Avocado toast is my favourite! Also fruit is a good quick start, but if you have a little time the ideal would be to have some toast, some eggs, something that will keep you full until lunchtime. If not, prepare it the night before. Leave the philadelphia/avocado/butter ready to snap it and put it on top of some quick toast and you can even take it to go. You can also have shakes that you can prepare the night before.
Karl Werner Y.
I suggest you know what your body needs then prepare a nice healthy breakfast that will give your body what does it need to start your day with a huge amount of energy to start a day with.
You can prepare your breakfast from the night before so when you wake up you put the last touch on it, or you can wake up earlier ( I think you can't 😅 as you probably slept late which will make it harder for you to wake up earlier ) .
Cedrico Q.
Here are a couple of things I would grab as I ran out the door in Grad School. I find they worked as they were good and powered my body and my brain. Sustainable! 😉 Organic Bananas, Cliff Bar, BodyArmor/OrganicGatorade/VitaminWater. Fresh Green Tea and Raspberries to take in my wake up carafe. (Make it up using fresh tea leaves evening prior, no sugar, a bit milk if it needs sweetened – it also fights ADHD – just stick to one cup as caffeine but filled with antioxidants to help you avoid winter flu.
Suleni Q.
Eggs only take about five minutes to make and are plenty healthy, but it not protein bars or some fruit and yougurt are also a great choice.
Jesse O.
I’m also at university, so I totally understand your situation. Try something that’s simple but still healthy, I personally love microwave oats, with honey instead of sugar, and some fruit if you’re feeling extra fancy. But usually just a bowl of oatmeal, two minutes in the microwave, eaten as I get dressed if I don’t have time.
Lucas W.
Nuts, fruit and yoghurt are good options if you dont have a lot of time.
Peanut butter & porridge.
Make up a smoothy / milkshake with protein powder the night before. There are nice recipes online. E.g. banana, mango, milk, protein powder.
Some premade ones you can get ready to drink but watch the sugar content. Hope this helps 😊