Should I study in the morning or in the evening?

Maria Z.
I suggest in the morning, because you have the most focus and energy available. Although if you’re a night owl, maybe studying late is more suitable for you. Try studying at different times and track when you’re most productive.
Lynn S.
i always find myself more productive in the mornings rather than night. in the morning, you have the whole day ahead of you! it’s easy to get it out of the way while you’re wide awake so you can actively work and study. but if you’re a night owl, just adjust your routine so you have a few hours a week set aside to study!
Софья Хлебникова N.
If i study in the morning I feel like I have all the time ahead. If I study in the evening I am limited as I learn how to go to bed early. However, if I study in the morning I make myself wake up early and I feel more encourage and at peace. And if I study in the evening I usually go overboard with time and go to bed late. I prefer to do Both. But the intensive studying happening in the morning and afternoon.
Wibke A.
Morning and afternoon are believed to the most productive time. At night you should relax, read, entertain or do st fun so that it’s easier to go to sleep later.
However if studying at night works for you, then I suggest plan your day wisely 🙂
R N.
I believe studying in the morning is better than evening but before studying in the morning, have a morning routine to make you energized and healthier then after that study. Good luck.
Iris F.
morning, that way one of the hardest parts of your day is over with so you can focus on fun things with your work hanging over you