How can I study for 10+ hours a day?

Lukas Baumann
You should not be studying for that long in one day. Self care means giving yourself time for yourself. Take breaks. Break it up into chunks.

Baptist Großmann
People can only concentrate for 30-45 minutes at a time. So in order to study well, you have to have mini sessions with dedicated breaks between them. Something like going for a walk, being active, is the best break for your brain. Keeping up that schedule will make it easiest to continue studying all day.

Catherine Price
i think the key to studying is creating a space that is disctraction free where you can really focus on the task at hand. i like to grab a drink or a snack, and set some instrumental music so i have some noise, but it won’t break my concentration. i put my phone on airplane mode, and like to set a timer so i get to take breaks every forty five minutes. happy studying!

Helen Roscher
Well, study what internet you or find what internet you while utilizing as a tool. Candles, gentle music, fruit and a goal in mind helps!