What do you do if you have a bad mood before studying?

Chloe T.
Choose a different mood/ attitude, smile and pretend. Stay in the moment. Really observe what you are doing and feeling. Keep pretending if need be but my guess is that your smile would already be genuine. You would have found some joy in that moment. Betcha.
Lonnie J.
I usually find myself going down a rabbit hole of entertainment to mitigate the pain and anger, but it never truly subsides, so what occurs is that I end up not accomplishing the goal of studying or completing work.
Gottlob G.
Usually I search for some motivational quotes, you can find someone in internet or in some app like we heart it or Pinterest
Amber N.
I manage to keep 2 or 3 glasses of water by my side and drink water while reading or studying. It relaxes my throat muscles and then I am able to put new things on my mind.
Phillip S.
I use aromtherapy while doing something that makes me relaxed and/or happy for a set amount of time and if needed I take more breaks in between studying. My favorite scents when I am in a bad mood are orange, vanilla, lavender, and lemongrass. Example: I use my essential oil diffuser while reading for 30 min. before I start studying, and if I'm still in a bad mood by the time the 30 min. is up I take a few more short breaks than if I was studying while in a good mood. Another example: I use a essential oil roll on, on my neck and wrists then take a walk outside for 15 min. before heading back inside.
Ludwina Z.
First, I go for a short walk to cool off (I listen to my favorite songs to get in a better mood, or I try to reflect why I'm upset). Then I go home, make myself my favorite non alcoholic drink (coffee), I put some study music, and arrange my desk for whatever topic I need to study. I try to study for 45 min, then take a short break. Finally, I study for another 45 minutes.
Melvin F.
I don’t really have bad moods more lazy moods. I read and study a lot at work so meeting this goal
Is easier because most of my reading and studying is work related
When I feel lazy I have coffee