How do you get yourself to start studying when you should?

Anna W.
I always set myself time. Either it's in my calendar, and with a rewarding activity (e.g. A walk or TV show or yummy meal) at the end. If I'm struggling to get started, I just set a timer for a short portion of time, say 10 mins, to start on a task. Usually by the end I'm in the groove and can go for longer than the original 10mins

Sharon N.
Hello love. I hope this answer finds you well.
I have found, little post-it notes places every where, reminding myself I HAVE TO study. I then, with out looking it up or even crack a book, I get a pen and paper and start writing questions. For eg:- what was the main topic for (either last weeks subject or a lecture etc). Then research your answer. Also, wrote down words (within each subject) that you don’t get (they’re often in exams they ask: what is a —- ?). Make up your own dictionary! It’ll be awesome. But mainly with gets me going to study .. I imagine myself in a graduation gown. Then I think of getting my hair and makeup done for that day….. then I think of the cheering and applause I’ll get when I walk up to the podium. Even if no one would be at that ceremony… they still clap and cheer! Then I imagine my dirt day at work, ppl telling you that your the best in that industry….. getting promotions… AND!!! Think of what diploma or bachelor you can do, (after this one and get some working experience in your field) to become the master in that field. Your mind wonders and it’s happy. And you want to study to get there to start your new life, chapter & part of your dream career. I Hope this helps. Plz feel free to contact me at any time if you need a boost in confidence or need positive vibes and a great mindset! Be well, much love.
Sharon N

Diana P.
When I have to study, I usually set a timer to remind me how many hours I should study and what time or the subject. Then I prepare my self. Later I count the minutes I am into the deep work.
I have my own space free of distractions.

Kyra T.
Hmm..I usually think about my teachers and how proud they would be of me if I did it without asking. The key is to 1: believe in yourself, because you can do this. And 2: remove any distractions. (Phone, tablet, etc.)

Neide I.
i put my cell phone silent and out of sight so it doesn't bother me. In the background there is calm music and a glass of water is next to me.