Yes. How do you maintain the discipline of studying daily as a working woman/wife/mother with respective demands to those other roles after work?

Debra N.
I don’t work. I complete my homework and learn something new. I would think if you are having trouble making time for it, you should make it shorter or complete everything else before researching.
N Uton A.
Although I am not a wife and a mother. I am a working woman I try to put everything else aside and work on the things I need to work on and then I can have time for myself.
Licelima Z.
I had to really think on how important studying was to me compared to my other responsibilities and preferences. I am not a morning person, I have always been a night owl. However, in light of the other responsibilities in my life, the only way to guarantee I would study daily was to do it first thing in my day. Squeezing it in right before bed didn't always happen and when it did, my mind wasn't at its best. I changed my entire daily routine so I could go to bed earlier. This does not come natural to me but the rewards of being able to study daily are worth it. (I'm learning a foreign language)
Riley Z.
Discipline. You cannot allow yourself to become distracted by meaninglessness thoughts of nothingness. Maintain clarity and focus in your routine .
Sophie E.
Can you create a family study/craft time when your kids are studying or making something too? It can be a nice way to spend time together and model hard work. If they’re really little, flashcards and other ways to study in very short bursts. That, and you need your spouse’s support! I don’t mean just emotional support. I mean dishes and laundry and picking the kids up. The kind of support that allows you time to study!
Therese Y.
Set a time or moment. I have realized that after lunch my energy drops so I use that moment to do manual things, things that require moving or things that I hand write. As effective studying for me requires writing things by hand, this is my moment. I hope this helps
Brooklyn P.
From work (example, as a mother or in a company ) the rewards is either money or spending time with children. For studying creating your own deadlines is really important. So, both Rewards and Deadlines is a well mixed together.
Kazim Z.
Change the mindset to wake up around 6 am. Then I have 1 hour to do whatever I want! Be more mindful about the time I go to bed and wake up!
Dustin F.
I always try to maintain the discipline by studying at a right time without distractions , and I sit in a silent place where I can focus and read without any disturbances.
But sometimes I get distracted and I delay my study routine .
Zoey Q.
I know what you mean! I try to always keep a book on hand of a subject that I'm interested in and want to study. Then, my goal is to read for at least 5 minutes every day, and more if I can. Sometimes that means after the kidlets get to sleep; to be completely honest, sometimes it means when I'm in the bathroom!! I do like to read while I brush my teeth, too. And audiobooks are a great help; I can listen while I wash dishes, or on my lunch break. If it's a subject I am interested in, those few minutes of reading or listening are like a tiny vacation – a little bit of time when I do something just for me! 🙂