How do you bounce back from distractions while you’re studying?

Mirella U.
I think first you have to know yourself and research and it’s all about trial and error and learning what works for you from downloading apps, learning about studying from plenty of resources such going to your local library, YouTube videos about effective studying, pretty much any social + health related type of website/ platform; Search away & learn. But for me, personally with having ADHD, I set my limit to 30 mins only : YouTube video: Jim Quik & HOWTOADHD YouTube channel videos helped me get insight, also paid for quizlet app.
Sarah Y.
I eliminate external distractions that are within my control. If someone interrupts me my standard response is “I’ll get back to you. I start by setting myself up for success with a clear intention, scheduled in breaks and a reward for achieving my goal.
Gen Ve Z.
First, if you can, involve someone else to keep tabs on you to either take away distractions or motivate you when you find yourself distracted and unwilling to work. The most effective way to bounce back from distractions for me is to think of a prize and how happy i’ll be having finished the specific task, making studying more a game and giving myself something to work for that’s a little more immediate.
Chantal Q.
That is something I still working on today. I highly suggest going over procrastination tips. One source I like for advice is Inside Med schooler YouTube channel. They offer good advice and study strategies for med school but these ideas can be used in any field, especially school relates
Ethan C.
I try to be in a quiet place, illuminated, without distractions but if something interrumps me, i simply solve it and return to concentration, if it is not important i leave it for later