How do you stay on task I get lost in different things and loose motivations half way through a task.

Margie T.
I recommend making a timetable for your day and getting your top priorities for your day done early. Make sure you include relaxing things you enjoy to do in the timetable at the end of the day so you wont get overwhelmed and lose motivation. Also, take short 5 minute breaks throughout your activity so you feel less tired. Hope this helps💜!
Kriemhild F.
It usually takes time for you to continually build focus. If I have a distraction, I would write it on a piece of paper and put that sheet away. Any new distractions or thoughts will be written on there and brushed aside until my set time for the task is finished. To build up focus for tasks, start with maybe 20-30 minutes and 5-10 minute breaks in between. Continue to increase the time spent on your tasks and you will be less distracted as time goes on with more practice. Once you can do long 90 – 120 minute focus on tasks, you can also increase break time to regain energy before your next task.
Jonathan F.
What pushes me is having to complete tasks in my routine so I can keep a streak going. Think of the goal that you want to achieve and the end result you want.