How can I concentrate better during study time?

Unholier G.
I can improve my concentration during study times by playing lofi beats quietly in the background and removing distraction

Megan X.
Organize your area of study. Remove any distractions. Don't stay more than an hour seated focusing in something, take breaks and walk, stretch and drink some water then return to your study. Also studying for small periods of time everyday is better than sitting 4 hours in a weekend.

Jonathan W.
Block distractions
Set time limit for using your phone especially certain applications as Facebook
Begin your study sessions with 25 minutes and rest for 5-10 minutes and then increase it gradually
Start with having your study goal as certain study duration (e.g. 2 study sessions 30 minutes each per day) and then move to study subjects (numbers of lessons)
Reward yourself for every single small step you achieve
Your achievement will motivate you later on
Good luck

Enno U.
Plan study time, divide syllabus in manageable chunks and be realistic about what you can achieve in assigned time. If you like – make notes, and repeat important quotes out loud. And make 5 minute stretch breaks every 45 minutes.

Agata O.
Switch off your mobile/put it into silent mode / do not look at your mobile. To get a better concentration you can play some white noise in the background (there is a variety of websites that provides white /brown noise)

Alexs Z.
If possible, put your phone in another room. I delete apps off my phone during the week that may distract me (like instagram)