What is some ways to help retain knowledge that has just been learnt? I tend to forget everything I’ve learnt very quickly. Thankyou

Freddie Y.
If it’s a small piece of information put it on a post- it- note and place it where you look every day. Examples would be by a door handle or light switch or fridge. Longer pieces of information you could try teaching to someone else. You retain up to 90% of what you teach. So next time you see someone try and talk about it with them. You will also find out gaps in your own information as they can ask questions. I hope this helped

Jerry U.
I recently took psychology in college and we learned that when it comes to learning and remembering knew information. Repetition (repeating the information over again) and learning more information about the topic. These are just a few example. By become an expert and really knowing the information you learned will help to remember newly learned information.

S Lnior O.
Well, if you are studying a language, than repetition is the best. For example, listen to the same podcast/episode of the show several times (3-4 times) and try to repeat it after the host.
I feel you are reading the book for your subject – same: read it 3-4 times and write down all the new words with their definitions