How do you stay awake during a long study time?

Andreas G.
By being in a quiet place with no distractions. Scatter papers everywhere to remind u to focus. Put a bottle of water next to you. Get up and stretch and say “I can do this” whenever you start to give up.
Ava Z.
Oh- studying isn't my thing. If I'm doing homework or something like that, around the 45-60 minute mark is when I start to feel fatigued and tired. And if I dont have any distractions its harder. However, distractions take me completely away from doing my work so. I feel like I've always been like this.
Angie N.
Take frequent breaks. Maybe a cat nap. I read the mind needs breaks to sift through all the info it just received. Try taking a meditative break when your mind feels cramped. Oh and water 😜
Agnes X.
I study from 1-230 pm M-F I don't make it an option I have to keep thinking about the end result no my immediate tiredness.
Kay Q.
Do your best to not get distracted, distractions decrease your focus and a lack of focus can cause you to be less alert. You should also have some type of goal from long study or work sessions. It can a big goal or a mini goal however that goal can help you focus since you understand you have to focus to achieve your goal.
Eleonore J.
I like to use bright essential oils like lemon or mint or grapefruit in a diffuser. Keeps my mind awake and focused. Also take breaks! Get up and walk around for 1 min.