I am trying to study for my exam which is three weeks from now. My mind signals me to study but somehow, I am lacking the action! I really need to buck up in this small period of time which I have and give my best in the exam. Any advice?

Billy C.
I have lacked action behind my planned tasks before and I've found that it helps to just do what I planned on doing, dont think about how you feel. That's discipline, doing what you know you need to do despite how you feel. And it also helps to remind myself that I'll be glad I did it now whereas I'll regret it later if I don't do it. Dont forget to celebrate a little after you study 🙂
Karla F.
The longer you put something off, the harder and more overwhelming it seems. Just take that first step, even if it’s a small one. Set aside time for a 25 min study session a day. And then increase the number of daily sessions. You can do this! Good luck!
L Rke E.
Set a timer. Seriously! Timers help me set time aside to focus and having a reward after helps. But you need to be strict about it. If you didn’t study, don’t reward yourself. Also, leave your phone on do not disturb and put it in a drawer until the alarm goes off.
Cedrico Z.
Sometimes this lack of action is connected to our belief that we might fail. Try saying to yourself that the result of your exam does not matter to you. As a result you will feel relieved, and your mind and body will be more eager to sit down and study. We have all been at your place and we have succeeded in the end. So will you!
Ven S.
Exams are hard because you're being tested on a myriad of subjects. The first thing to do is to figure out what will be on the exam from your professors, and adjust your study problems accordingly . If you can find the time, go to a tutor or form a study group with claas mates. If this is not doable, go over the material as much as you can, and if you get stuck, email your professor or find a solution online (youtube is usually pretty good)
Aiden T.
I would search for what part of the study material interests you the most. Break down the task into small steps. For example, it could be reading one set of lecture notes on a topic you are curious. When you get the signal to study try to complete just reading the set of notes. Give yourself a tap on back for well done, and notice the feeling of satisfaction for doing the small task. Repeat again the next day and slowly increase the workload if necessary. This technique will give you momentum.
Marlen H.
Study needs plans when exams are near or when wrapping up a subject , but when it's early for exams , it's better to study day by day. I need advice too if there is..
Frederikke Y.
I think the best you can do is plan your time. Dedicate some time for your preparation, but never forget about the rest. So if you try to organize your day, then you’ll have enough time both for you studies and for free time and activities. Good luck!