Any tips on how to focus on something I have to study?

Kimyeon V.
I like to write down a study plan before hand so that I have my goals straight. Another thing I like to do is play some nice music, nothing to insane, just some music that is in the background, not in my face

Hans W.
Reduce distractions like putting your phone on airplane mode and blocking certain apps.
Try pomodoro technique or simply set a timer of 25 minutes and then a break for 5 minutes and then repeat. You can change the time periods as you like.
Try writing down what you are trying to learn in your own words.
The best way to learn something is to teach it. Try to explain what you learnt to someone else.

Hanspeter F.
Try to do it for a minute and hang on five and ten minutes. After that you can spend at it a few hours until you finished for that day. 😊

Phoebe Y.
Umm maybe just if you don't want to study for some reason you should always make yourself do it otherwise you might regret it if you don't do it. But the way I focus is I meditate before hand so that my mind is clear and I can think and focus on what I need to be getting done

Gitta U.
You can play some music (with no lyrics) in the background, it can be classical, some lo-fi or anything that will motivate you to study. You can also use the pomodoro method and set a timer for like 30 min for example. During this time you will only do your task and when it is finished you can take a break to breath, walk a little… And when your pause is finished (e.g for 5 min) you restart the timer to work. Another tip is to put your phone away in airplane mode, so you don't feel the need to scroll on Instagram for hours instead of working 😉

Sarah A.
Think of reasons/motivation for studying subject, and benefits.
Break it up into smaller chunks, connect new info with previous knowledge.
Schedule/ planner works for some people. Discuss subject with others.

Jana 145 N.
Active learning , try to make it interesting for example if its something you can visualize draw it and label it ,watch a video about it , maybe its a really complex boring book , then search up on any websites that can summarize it or search up if anyone talked about it on youtube or even ask your professor/teacher about it also eliminate anything that distracts you and put a piece of paper beside you and any thoughts that comes to your head write it and burn it in the end 🔥 or just rip it to pieces , hope this helps .

Mary Z.
im not good at it either but what i learned is you just have to do it i mean if you need to study then you just sit on table and open that book

Enrique N.
Sessions of 25 minutes and breaks of 5, turn your phone off if you're not able to controll yourself, have a plan for studying so you don't waste time deciding what to do, have a study routine and pretty much enjoy what you're learning

Isabel F.
You will need to try so many different techniques before you find something that works for you and that’s okay! Listening to music always helps me study, lyrics or not, but if I’m writing an essay I need full silence or else I can’t concentrate. Change things up. Ask others to help and study quietly together. Remind someone to make you study and if you don’t then you owe them £5. It’s not about motivation it’s about self- discipline, after a while studying will become natural.

Nuki A.
First you have to rwalize that on specific time u should sit down and study, then on that specific time get rid of any thing that can distort u from focusing and just sit and start studying. You can play some sound or music if it helps u, no talking, no eating no messaging. Stidy during some time e.g. 45 mins and hen take a break for 15min.

Taisia B.
Make a schedule from the evening and then just follow it, plan everything in the few days before, so extremely fast things will not disturb you

Anna P.
I go on pinterest and search for motivational quotes and I live by them. What I also like to do is just make a little list of all the things I need to get done and it helps me when Im tired.

Martina Z.
Try to find something interesting about what you're studying and if you can't, just remember knowledge is power and every single thing you study will make your brain stronger, so you'll be able to study harder and better the more you study.
Turn off all distractions and set a timer (25 minutes is the best length), set goals and reward yourself afterwards. Remember if you get this done, you'll have more time for other things and you won't stress too much.

Veridiana P.
I'm a student myself, so I'll give you tips that work for me and you can try if they work for you too! Disclaimer: I get distracted very, very easily, so I put extra care in those things to maintain my concentration. The first thing is, when you take notes, make them simple and clean but also catching for your eyes (my suggestion is, just use a simple pen and a colourful marker), highlight the important things so that studying will be less boring. Then, keep in mind that our attention span is not very big (I think it's around an half hour), so don't feel bad if you take a break, just remember to go back to work at some moment! Last thing, when the urge of productivity hits, don't suffocate it, instead go and be productive!

Misty Q.
First, you need to choose a quiet place to avoid any distractions.It is also to let you stay focused on your study.

Second, you must prepare your stationary and gather all the notes and excercises that you'll need to revise/study.

Next , you should give attention on the topic you're studying so you can take note about the points
Make sure to make notes/ anyways so you can understand the points very well.Use I-think map.

Lastly, don't forget to do revision everyday so you can remember the points and memories them in a long term.

Brian S.
First drink some water, try concentrate and believe in yourself , before starting plan and note it down and after that study and try understand and you need write the thing you are studying so practice writing. And also think that’I have to complete this for someone I love’
DONE very I wish you will complete your study ii have to love your work

Rico N.
Simply enjoy it. Rest, eat, sleep, study. Be clear brained and then study. If you can meet with study groups all the better.

Anna V.
Learning takes a lot of energy, so to have it we need to help our brain.
1. Fulfill basic needs:
– eat something but not too much. Hunger will distract you, over eating makes you sleepy
– drink water and take tea or water with you. Brain needs a lof of liquid
– rest 10 minutes before studying and take a short break every hour. It will prevent distraction
– Organize work space as you like: light, temperature, chair, fragrance etc. It's much more comfortable to stay in a friendly environment.

2. Make a schedule
– we all have individual cycles of activity during the day. If you're a morning person – put more difficult and complicated tasks in the first half of the day. If you're an owl – evening is better
– brain likes routine activities. Make a habit of studying

3. Give yourself a promise to ask for help, it reduce anxiety

4. Make your own soundtrack for studying or use ambient music

Anna P.
Hi , so one tip that had help me is motivating myself and how I do that is by thinking of my goals but since I am a lazy person it is hard , however I remember to stay positive. One thing I often do is changing the place I study so I can be in a different environment and that actually helps . Listening calm music helps me focus , some of the music I suggest is on the ChilledCow youtube channel ect.. Also before I start I listen to a song that I know it will motivate me which helps you stay in a calm and positive mood . Studying especially in a tiring day or when you don’t want to do anything or you’re sad , it’s truly a nightmare but you have to remember that you are doing this for yourself (however don’t force yourself too much)Another tip is to have breaks when you study I usually study about 30 min and have a break for 10 min where I eat something or just relax for a bit . This was too long but I really want to help you and I hope I did . If any of my tips helped you please tell me , I’m curious. DONT FORGET YOU GOT IT .

Maddie N.
I’ve struggled with this my whole life. The Fabulous is the first thing to have helped. I put Do Not Disturb on my phone and computer, turn off notifications, and use the “Forest” app on my phone (sets a timer and I can’t access other apps during that time). I have a Fabulous study routine that begins with Blocking Distractions, so that’s my first step. The next step in my routine is to “Write my To Do” and I tell myself that I know I can do everything on that list without getting distracted. I then set to work and try to remain mindful of not switching tasks which leads to distractions. I then celebrate after, reinforcing my good habit.

Anna P.
Keep any distractions away, especially phone. The more accesible it is, the more it will distract you. Prepare snack or warer in case you feel hungry or thristy. Start studying, don't postpone it. When studying, I like to keep questions of the materials to help memorize. So, instead of just reading it or memorizing paragraphs. Try to turn it into questions. This might also help you to figure out things you do not understand yet.

Georgia N.
try to block out distractions. find a space to study that you are comfortable in abby won’t be disrupted often.
if you don’t like to work in silence, you can listen to i music WITHOUT LYRICS!
i listen to ambient study music on youtube or study/school subliminals while studying to help me concentrate.
remember to take breaks, even just get up to go to the bathroom or a drink of water.
make sure you have a plan, don’t just work aimlessly.

treat yourself well and have confidence that you will do well!

Harper N.
Sometimes I like to do a time lapse video of me studying. That way it gets me off my phone and I can check it later! But that method doesn’t work for everyone, sometimes u have to make sure ur actually interested in learning something and the subject. If it doesn’t already insterest you, then find ways where it does. Try to cancel out distractions, and have ur phone out of reach. Don’t worry about making your notes really pretty either, because you don’t want to spend an hour working on page right? There are a lot of helpful things to help you study, but I think it really goes to what works best for you. Try to have stretch breaks and drink water. Also having a productive environment is much better than one that makes you want to stay in bed. I am in school, too. And something that has been troubling me is paying attention, because I usually want to scroll through tiktok but what works for me is too immediately start taking notes. Hoped this helped!

Lora A.
Pomodoro method? Try for 10-30min then award your effort. Try not to make the award too tempting though, otherwise you might waste too much time on it or it might distract you.

Anna P.
A method I like to use is study for 20 minutes and then take a break for 5, it helps you brain take a break, you can repeat this like 20;5;20;5, you can also change the time if you would like to study for a longer or shorter amount of time

Nicoleta F.
Well, i gues music helps a lot. I search o YouTube for Classical music and it relaxes me so much, also it helps with concentration because you don't hear any noise from your environment. Then is motivation. If you are hypermotivated you'll be to learn anything at any time. I hope my answer was useful, thanks))

Vincent W.
Stay away from social media and any type of electronic devices. Relax yourself and divide in parts of time what you have to study

M Nteha N.
Personally , I can only focus if I'm listening some music. If you are like me you can listen to your favorites musics ( but not the one who make you dance hahaha ). Try the lofi type 😊

Daniella P.
Try listening to some lofi hip hop,shut your phone,or just the notifications,try and study in a place near windows,if it's night it's going to be beautiful.Try and arrange or make a schedule of what you're going to study for,and kind of calculate how many minutes it will take.

Johnni U.
If it helps you can put some songs that aren't too fast and which you don't know the lyrics of but you still like them and try to focus on it again!😘

Madinabonu A.
Well I think you should make clear your aim. Ask yourself why are you studying, why you need this subject . When you make it clear them make yourself believe that this is your prior aim

Rutendo X.
I don't know myself too … I'm kinda tryjng to work out what works for me i have tried making a timetable , timeline ,due dates as well but nothing is doing it for me .. right now I'm suppoesed to be reading but I'm on social media it makes me feel bad all the time

Anna P.
Find a ritual. This way you prep your mind to get to work. I always put on comforable clothing, put my hair in a bun, make sure that i have water near me and put on study music (you need to find out what works for you, i use EDM music without lyrics). And then I simply start working. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you start

Alexander J.
Put your phone and distracting things around you away. Or you can set your phone into focus mode so you can't open any distracting apps. Hope you see this!^^

Dick O.
My tip is duplication of input. While you are reading your mind will wander. If you use a highlight system AND flash cards WHILE you are reading, your brain will remember a lot more. Bonus: if your highlight and card system is well organized, you will be ahead of the game, come exam time.

Jayden U.
Hi. Sure!
Eliminate any distraction that could lead to procrastination like your phone or the TV.
Clean your desk or where you study and make sure it's a primitive space.
Try to study for 30 minutes then have a 5 minutes break or 10 but don't get too much.

Hunter O.
Take it in small segments. Focus on the thing you want to study, then focus on something else! Like a video game! Then after 10-15 minutes or so, go back to studying. Repeat this as many times as you need.

Maxim F.
if you want to study, while not distracting yourself i recommend that you have relaxing music on. personally i put raining sounds, it relaxes me and i pay more attention. but that’s not the only option, there are tons more relaxing songs out there. another way, is to make yourself cozy. this is a BIG part. get a blanket, put it on your chair. another way is to close all doors so no distractions are

Alison S.
Remove all distractions, certain types of music will help you remember different types of information also chew gum and never study for more than 30 minutes without a break