Any tips on how to focus on something I have to study?

Mary Z.
im not good at it either but what i learned is you just have to do it i mean if you need to study then you just sit on table and open that book

Veridiana P.
I'm a student myself, so I'll give you tips that work for me and you can try if they work for you too! Disclaimer: I get distracted very, very easily, so I put extra care in those things to maintain my concentration. The first thing is, when you take notes, make them simple and clean but also catching for your eyes (my suggestion is, just use a simple pen and a colourful marker), highlight the important things so that studying will be less boring. Then, keep in mind that our attention span is not very big (I think it's around an half hour), so don't feel bad if you take a break, just remember to go back to work at some moment! Last thing, when the urge of productivity hits, don't suffocate it, instead go and be productive!

Brian S.
First drink some water, try concentrate and believe in yourself , before starting plan and note it down and after that study and try understand and you need write the thing you are studying so practice writing. And also think that’I have to complete this for someone I love’
DONE very I wish you will complete your study ii have to love your work

Harper N.
Sometimes I like to do a time lapse video of me studying. That way it gets me off my phone and I can check it later! But that method doesn’t work for everyone, sometimes u have to make sure ur actually interested in learning something and the subject. If it doesn’t already insterest you, then find ways where it does. Try to cancel out distractions, and have ur phone out of reach. Don’t worry about making your notes really pretty either, because you don’t want to spend an hour working on page right? There are a lot of helpful things to help you study, but I think it really goes to what works best for you. Try to have stretch breaks and drink water. Also having a productive environment is much better than one that makes you want to stay in bed. I am in school, too. And something that has been troubling me is paying attention, because I usually want to scroll through tiktok but what works for me is too immediately start taking notes. Hoped this helped!

Nicoleta F.
Well, i gues music helps a lot. I search o YouTube for Classical music and it relaxes me so much, also it helps with concentration because you don't hear any noise from your environment. Then is motivation. If you are hypermotivated you'll be to learn anything at any time. I hope my answer was useful, thanks))

Vincent W.
Stay away from social media and any type of electronic devices. Relax yourself and divide in parts of time what you have to study

Alexander J.
Put your phone and distracting things around you away. Or you can set your phone into focus mode so you can't open any distracting apps. Hope you see this!^^

Enrique N.
Sessions of 25 minutes and breaks of 5, turn your phone off if you're not able to controll yourself, have a plan for studying so you don't waste time deciding what to do, have a study routine and pretty much enjoy what you're learning

Georgia N.
try to block out distractions. find a space to study that you are comfortable in abby won’t be disrupted often.
if you don’t like to work in silence, you can listen to i music WITHOUT LYRICS!
i listen to ambient study music on youtube or study/school subliminals while studying to help me concentrate.
remember to take breaks, even just get up to go to the bathroom or a drink of water.
make sure you have a plan, don’t just work aimlessly.

treat yourself well and have confidence that you will do well!

Rutendo X.
I don't know myself too … I'm kinda tryjng to work out what works for me i have tried making a timetable , timeline ,due dates as well but nothing is doing it for me .. right now I'm suppoesed to be reading but I'm on social media it makes me feel bad all the time