What Learn

Rosie T.
Choose your favourite subject. Discover new boundaries from your most favourite part of it. Just search for it or sit in the library. Knowing extra is never bad. Thank you 🙂
David Z.
I take advantage of my local library, both going in to the building to choose physical books, and browsing through their online caralog to pick ebooks or audiobooks. This way, I come across so many books outside my usual interests, or even outside my comfort zone. I schedule my Learn and Study habit to coincide with my mid-morning coffee break; and even though I only read for ten to twenty minutes, I enrich my life so much through what I've learned! So far, I've read books like "Hidden Figures" and "Rocket Girls," the history of women "computers" in the space program; books on art and creativity ("Expressive Flower Painting" by Lynn Whipple); books about presidents ("Theodore Rex" for one) and the head ushers of the White House ("Upstairs at the White House"); cookbooks ("You've Got It Made," "Mastering the Art of French Cooking") and even a book about writing a cookbook ("As Always, Julia")! In short: I just dive into the library or a bookstore, and look for something I'm interested in, or something I know nothing about, and commit to spending ten minutes a day learning about it. It's an awesome habit, and I love it!