I’m easily distracted between papers while writing my research thesis This consumes a lot of time and effort and really frustrates me What can I do?

Ortwin X.
try the app forest. if you check your phone while on the app itll say your trees dying and wont let you go on social media. if you have a macbook try selfcontrol it blocks you from social media
Manuella I.
I’m writing my degree thesis right now and I understand the feelings.
First, I got some colored sticky notes to tag my papers into categories (important, review, read, unread, my own notes, etc). Choose categories or sections that work best for you, it’s very personal.
Second, I organized and wrote numbers on each sticky note. I only go to paper n. 2 after completely finished n. 1, the same for n. 3 and so on.
When I’m done with it, I have a box labeled “archive”, so the paper goes there. This system works really great for other situations and areas, like work, personal bills and letters because it’s very flexible and easy to customize.
Ashrey F.
Hey buddy, distraction usually happens when the task at hand doesn’t grab your attention as much as you’d like it to. Naturally the mind diverges and looks for something more entertaining.

To find a way around this, try to make a game plan. Meaning the game plan will consist of thesis writing as well as enjoyment time, once you’ve done a small part of the task at hand. This way you are able to reward yourself for doing part of the thesis work.

It is important to reward yourself appropriately for the amount of work completed as this will keep you moving forward.