How do you set a time limit on what you study? For me, I have to finish the chapter, or perhaps keep going if I’m on a roll. How do you make sure you stop after, say, 30 minutes and not walk away wishing you’d stayed?

Annette N.
I just know how much time I need because I always have the same amount of work and I’ve done these for many times. When I’m on a roll I just try to get down to something else ASAP, using 25-minutes deep work session.
Ryan F.
Sometimes it is not about the time limit. The time limit and a chapter are simply goals. One is better for some people and one is better for others. As long as you are accomplishing your goal of studying, whether that be „read a chapter“ or „read 10 minutes,“ then you have completed the task for the day.
Susann U.
I don’t set a time limit. This is only because i have a lot to do and finish before the next day, even on the weekends i HAVE to study. I get up to 3hr sessions a day, maybe a bit more on the weekends.
Willie W.
If i’m not too busy and i can keep going studing, i just restart the 45min learn&study 🙂 but when i feel too tired or not focused, i prefer stop and continue the day after.
Olga S.
Well, I also opt for finishing chapters. But if chapter is too long, then I aim to reach subchapter at least. Or some other logical counterpart. Also, I’m not very sedentary type – therefore, I like to get up and stretch or drink some water whenever I feel like it. I’m not clock-addict, but my constant study time is never under 40 minutes naturally. This us how long on average I stay fully concentrated. Then I make short stretch or water break, and I continue studying.
Lynn Y.
Use pomodoro timer and set up an automatic swtich between your study and rest time. Keep the rest time short, no more than 5 minutes. So when your 30 minutes are up, your timer swtiches to the countdown of your rest time, which forces you to stop for a strech or using the bathroom.
Freja P.
I read until i have another task to take care of or until im finished with the material i was reading. Unless of course I get mentally fatigued.
I really dont just stop myself
Edin Ia T.
Quite simple really, if it's really compelling and I don't have anything else that requires my attention, I read on! There's not a lot better than being transported to a compelling place inside the covers of a book!