How should I keep focused when I don’t make progress on certain tasks? For this case I stuck with the score of 6 for my IELTS writing exam while my target score is 7. And it hasn’t changed even a little bit for so long.

Isabella F.
U should analyze ur weakness parts .. if u r not good at listening or writing.. make times for this more..Study sample or model answer.,and take mock test more

Henry J.
Analyze why you're not making progress and then make changes to how you approach the task, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Nora O.
Write a list of all your distraction and make sure you every time you want to get distracted and think about it why you want.

Luciara P.
I think to truly motivate yourself for anything you should first stop thinking failure as an failed attempt at something and think of it as the stairs to success and secondly what is life without any twist and turns. now that 6 you got Is a motivational story for the future when you have the same thing in the future and you will think that I did it that time then I shall do it again. So end of story learn from your mistakes