How can I stop a bad habit?

Yusuf C.
How to stop a bad habit? I think it depends on the habit. I’m no doctor or specialist though. I do think it’s vital to have a support system. I do think it’s vital to plan ahead. Often times, I think it is good to make a change, or a switch, in habits by replacing a bad habit with a good habit. For example, instead of biting your nails, have a breathing session, eat some carrot sticks or something similar. I hope this helps 😊
Maya G.
I try to take a short moment to hit pause n think of how I’ll feel right after
Usually works but it’s hard to remember sometimes if I’m feeling emotional
Ga Tan E.
Don’t focus on abandoning the bad habit – focus on the new habits you’re replacing it with. Look for contexts that triggered the old habit, and start using them to trigger new habits instead.