How can you stay focused when you’re studying?

Hunter W.
When I was in school, I set aside a bkaco of time, put in some music by Mozart and just started. Thinking about something too much before I do anything always traps me. Just do it.
Salma E.
The best way to stay focused for me is to isolate myself. I make sure all the kids are napping or coloring, preoccupied in some way before I open my laptop. It also helps to not have any chores weighing on my mind, so good time management skills, and sticking to a schedule ensures dishes and laundry are done when it’s time for me to study.
Riley Z.
I try to keep myself away from other people and distractions. Somewhere like a library or park is good to stay focused as you’ll be interrupted less by other things to do at home. I always put my phone away from me face down and I often listen to music to help me concentrate better. Hope this helps 🙂
Felix B.
Eat a snack and keep water beside you through the whole duration. I good study habit is it work for 20-30 mins then taking a 5 min break to review your work, this will not only improve your learning but keep you from getting exhausted. (Pomodoro technique)
Ana W.
I like to set a specific task to be done before I start, guess how much time it's gonna take, set my timer, put my phone on airplane mode, clear the space (my desk) then start the timer and just do it.

It's all about staying on task and removing all distractions.
Hope it helped and GOOD LUCKK!!

F Lvio S.
Put away all distractions, make yourself comfortable, maybe put on some music and make a planning for what you need to do.
Enora T.
It’s hard to me too, but I try to think that my goal is to study for a few minutes, so I need to do it well, after those minutes, I’ll be able to do anything else I want.
Jeremiah E.
Write what you want to do in small tasks on a paper and put it in front of you while studying. Start by the small tasks and cross them off. You'll get motivated to continue.
Travis T.
I only do 45 minute intervals. I find that it helps me to focus by bit setting up a ridiculous amount of time to just sit there. Also take breaks. Go for a walk, paint your nails do something as a reward when you’re done so you can start fresh right back into it
Rena C.
If you have a desk in your room or some flat space in there, you can go in your room to get quiet. You can also play relaxing music on your phone, iPad, or even your amazon Alexa! (That’s what I do.)
Gerry F.
Weeell, you can start by thinking about why you started to study in the first place. Was it because of a test you’ll be having? Or was it because you have a homework or because you simply wanted to learn something new. By thinking like this, you’ll start to motivate yourself and to continue studying. Also, think about what or how studying will help you right now and/or the future.
Addison S.
It’s really really hard. To cut out the biggest distraction in our life today, try an app like Forest, which plants a seed and sets a timer during which you cannot use your phone without killing your growing plant. For me, the way to keep myself from getting tired and distracted from work is to listen to music while working, music that I like and that complements my mood: upbeat songs for when I’m sleepy to wake me up or soothing songs when I’m anxious. I hope this helps you!! It’s a process, it’ll take time to find what works for you. You got this!!
Johan P.
Shut out distractions and know that the very thing I’m studying may one day save my life or make all the difference in my career or provide the perfect conversation piece with the perfect partner.
Vickie J.
Turning off or getting any distractions away from me, breaking what I have to study into chunks, taking breaks and staying hydrated help so that i don’t feel overwhelmed which results in me being more focused
Elsie E.
Take intermittent breaks when you feel you’re concentration wavering. Stretch, drink some water, walk around for a minute or so then return to studying. Also, pace yourself, break down your total study time into parts, it’ll help you concentrate sharply for short periods rather than forcing it for a laborious long period.
Calogero Z.
This is an issue that I've also been struggling with for a long time, I've found out that blocking distractions works best for me. I've blocked certain websites on my laptop using a chrome extension, disabled internet on my game console during certain times and blocked certain apps on my phone during study times. Putting my phone in another room or changing my environment like going to the library also helps.