Any tricks on how to get up early when I don’t feel so good? I’m allergic and there are some mornings when I just can’t open my eyes so I do some meditation instead, but since it’s rly early I fall asleep. I could do some workout maybe, but it sucks. 🤗

Levi U.
Working out helps a ton. I usually go for a run or take a shower. That helps, also eat a big healthy breakfast. Even if you’re not hungry. You’ve fasted all night and you produce cortisol as soon as you wake up. If you don’t eat then your insulin levels shoot up and take your blood sugar level down for the rest of the day. Breakfast is very important! Good luck!
Vivan G.
Remember how good you will feel and looking good the whole day inspiring others. When people say you look good and relax you have an answer
Joyce F.
In that case, I recommend you to see an allergist. So that you can properly work with this. I usually sleep earlier, so that I can get up earlier. Another thing that really helps me is to count to 1 to 5, as soon as I heard my alarm clock. This help me to prepare and commit to myself to get up.
Rico N.
If you could have someone teach you how to work the lining of the muscle on the days you are so fatigued. There are short easy moves you can do before you even open your eyes.