Does the pomodoro technique work?

Janet S.
It is according to the person if the person is determined yes but if the person is not ready to struggle then no. I am sure you are a determined person. All the best buddy.

Ben N.
A lot of people seem to have success with it. It doesn't work for me personally. The frequent breaks make maintaining a flow/deep state during work impossible.

It's more for people who 1) would benefit from frequent breaks, 2) have no issues restarting something after being away for a bit, or 3) need motivation to start something they've been putting off.

Raul N.
I’ve found it does! In my experience it took me a bit to get the hang of it, since I’m used to working for long periods of time, but once I started it’s really been a great way to work and keep myself organized and not tired.

Fadwa F.
It does for me! It’s a very fun technique to study that doesn’t really tire me , there’s a bunch of other techniques for studying if you didn’t enjoy or the pomodoro technique wasn’t for you!

G Tz F.
I would say for me personally, yes. You can adjust the length of 25 minutes to where it feels comfortable. Or instead use your work to guy you – I will read x amount of pages then break. The important thing is to take breaks. It organizes your work and prevents strain.

Joshua W.
The Pomodoro Method is a time management philosophy that aims to provide the user with maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing …

Mahira X.
I've tried to do pomodoro and that worked. I was in dense pressure so anything would've been worked. Do try it. If ot doesn't work for yiu then leave it. But you have to stay focused
So before trying get rid of all the distractions.