What are the smart tips for self studying?

Meike M.
There are various tips for self studying and one could chose any one or combination of these tips to suit their need.
1. Finding a place which is free of distractions could help you focus more.
2. Staying away from gadgets like phone, TV, computer will help you from getting distracted.
3. Break your chapter into small topics and focus on one particular topic at a time.
4. If you get distracted or get a thought which is unrelated to study, you may note it down on a piece of paper and get back to studying.
5. Use pomodoro technique while studying, it makes studying a less tedious activity.
6. If u feel sleepy, then change the pattern of studying. For example, if u were reading then you can start taking notes along with studying.
7. Staying hydrated also helps a lot while studying.
Alexandre O.
study a little e eryday at the same time at the same place . build a routine
Christy P.
Focus on your goals, take small breaks if needed, snack, breathe, remember why you're studying and that it's for yourself.
Ferenc F.
Start small, like 5-10 minute focused study sessions. Over time what should happen is that you get into the flow of it and lose track of time.

Remember that learning should be fun, so incorporate some of your favorite subjects in your studies that still aligns with your overall education/career goals. For example, I am studying to become a police clinical psychologist (i.e provide therapy to police officers), so, in addition to my classes, I take a little time to read/watch detective stories as well as to enjoy the books of Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung – the founding fathers of psychology. Taking a little time each week to do this makes learning fun, it motivates me, and it increases my knowledge of psychology and police officers.

Finally, reward yourself with healthy self care strategies – exercise, a bubble bath, a favorite movie, time with friends and family, a cup of hot tea or coffee, meditation, etc.

Always be kind to yourself when you stumble, remembering that it is what we learn from mistakes that is important. Believe in yourself, you are awesome because you are uniquely you ❤

Indro I.
Some smart tips for self studying is to evaluate everything and write everything you feel down. Then reflect upon the emotions and figure out what caused it and how to keep feeling that way or how to stop feeling that way.
Faith J.
I love to learn, so there is not so difficult for me. But when there is some times I don't feel like, I always ask myself why did I engage with this?
Brigitte F.
I try different methods for self study. For memorization I do a form of flash cards or an app that will quiz me. When it involves reading I type notes written in two column table. The right Column is not very wide and is used to name topics or vocabulary words and the left column has more detailed information included bulleted lists. In reviewing notes I read the left column and quiz myself on the definitions or other content on the left hand side.