What are the most difficult and useful things people have to learn in their 20s?

Inessa F.
How to fit in into the specific social group they imagine themselves to be in and learning how to let go of the bad things in their lives.

Ethan U.
Financial skills, tax, super, how to talk to business people or people with authority, to be a kid and live life. What to do to become rich with love and money.

Eddie C.
Nothing. Life will teach you. The World will teach you. Those you meet on your journey will teach you.

Livio E.
In their 20s people should learn how to love and to find their place in the world. The most difficult is finding a job and a partner who loves them for who they are.

Sarah T.
I feel the most difficult And useful thing to learn in your 20's is budgeting. If you can master that your life will be much easier. Budgeting well allows you to relax and focus on your future.

Jeanette Z.
How to separate your self-worth from your job or results in education. That it takes time for growth to show on a surface level. That you can always leave whatever you're doing and do something else. There's no age cap on learning, formally or informally. That everyone else around you is also just knocking things together and figuring stuff out, even if it looks like they know what they're at.

Laertes W.
Things you have to learn:
– how to manage your time
– managing money and how to spend it
– do not let anything distract you from moving forward. No matter what happens, keep moving even if it was slowly.
– cut out negative people from your life.

Clarindo Q.
To respect others and respect yourself! The world will try to make it all about you first yet there has to be balance or you will eventually lose out both professionally and relationally. You show you respect yourself by respecting others!

Brandie P.
Most difficult thing is having to fase the fact that your options get fever and fever. The junger you are your options are more limitless.
Most useful would be to learn your trade, build your carear. If you are mature enough having the children of your own would be perfect. You still have enough energy to do the parents work properly.

Jorge O.
How to maintain financial balance while enjoying your life as much as you can….is the hardest and useful thing to keep in mind at 20s. Getting a life partener who values you and supports you….is also very important…