How do you develop self-discipline?

Margie Henderson
I give myself a treat whenever I feel like I’ve accomplished on keeping a routine for a week. Like watch 2 episodes of my favourite show if I managed to study Math for a whole week an hour for a day.

Diethard Menz
Do be honest I don’t know, the only time I follow my rituals is during my exams that I have right now because I had to wake up early and stuff like that. I guess my brain knew that time was up and that there’s no time to sleep in or say “I’ll do it tomorrow”

June Pierce
By setting tiny goals and achieving them. I am adding more routines and keeping them make me energize. I also tried sharing some of my routines with my friends in that I feel more committed to them because I want to show that I am a reliable person and I keep my words.

Ricky Warren
I think of all the things I have to do and go in order. This works if you eventually start including more things consistently, making a more permanent change.

Eliza Jacobs
Working out what is important to me. Structuring how I will do it into my day. Accounting for whether I do it. Celebrating whrn I acheive small steps

Myrtle Morgan
Self disciplne is hard at first. But remember even the smallest action you take has an impact on you. Trust the process.