How do you get focused on studying when something is already going on in your mind?

Gabriel Y.
I think of my priorities and what do I want to do with my life, sometimes I like to think about my future and this aloud me to enjoy a little bit more studying and stay concentrated.
Yann A.
If I am trying to focus on studying or work when I've got something else on my mind, I always meditate before I start. Meditation allows you to relax and clear your mind before digging into something else. If that doesn't work… Use a brain dump page in a bullet journal or notebook and jot down everything on your mind. That will help clear your mind too, and you'll have your notes to refer back to once you're done studying !
Jim Z.
I try to think about my goals, how important they are helps to push the other thing to the back of my mind while I study. Only when I'm done with studying can i bring it back to the fore and deal with it to make sure it doesn't disturb me the next time, it's not great to have to push things to the back of your mind every single time you need to be productive, so the first time, just push it to get through your present task but make sure you return to it and sort it out so your head can be clear going forward.
Julia S.
Listen to music and take a step back, if you dont feel focused it's only going to make you more stressed, have a candlelit bath then start to study in small intervals, take breaks so you dont get mentally exhausted. Works for me 100% of the time.
Frederick T.
I have a habit of keeping a notebook next to me when I’m studying. I note down what is disturbing me, & try to deal later. But if it persists then I deal it then & there
Maria Z.
When something is on your mind start to meditate for at least two minutes and in that two minutes put your mind blank so when you study to can stay focused to study
Edin Ia P.
Willpower but if you cant, try it bu writting down in a paper the disturbing issue.. and tell yourself you will put attention on it latter and try to concentrate back into the study.
It is all about priorities
Laura C.
I try to remind myself, that by letting myself get distracted, I unintentioanally benefit those people who cause these struggling thoughts in the first place. They and these thoughts won’t matter for me probably in a week or so, but delayed and undone work could impact my whole future. This is my take on the subject.
Mariola T.
I try to write down what is bothering me, may it be short, as a reminder to send somebody a certain email for example, or in lenght if it's something that is bothering me emotionaly. When I take just that usually short amount of time, it already feels like i've put the metaphorical windows open in my head and I have more room in my head to focus on my study. Ofcourse later I can come back to the notes I've taken and take the needed actions, or time to reflect. Hope this helps you on your journey!
Victoria T.
Instead of relaxing into study mode I consciously make myself pay attention and focus on the studying. With me, it has to be a conscious action.
Paul W.
Take my medication and remind myself of my goals. Remember where I want to be in life. Keep many agendas. Tell plans to friends
Claudenice Q.
I apply the same method of meditation, breathe in and out until I feel myself relax. Then I remind myself the purpose of why I’m studying, and I find that purpose is more meaningful and makes me more productive than focusing on motivation. I will use meditation apps if I have to use a timer, just to make sure my breaths are even. It’s not that I’m trying to forget whatever is on my mind already, I just have to put a pin on it. I find compartmentalizing things according to priority helps keep my mind focused and relaxed.
Sander Z.
I study foreign languages. One really positive thing I can do is to think about my problems that are distracting me in a foreign language. This can give me a new perspective for several reasons. The limits of my ability in my second languages force me to use a new vocabulary to engage my problems. The specific qualities of a unique language, and discovering them for myself can sometimes give me deeper insight into how the way I was thinking was influenced by external, cultural factors. This doesn’t excuse or forcemy actions, but it does help to account for my decision making. Lastly, learning anything, but especially a language, is a creative act and it is fun, enriching, and divinely human.
Ida W.
Usually if I am distracted by something else I start small. Sometimes I work on a puzzle before I start studying to help by brain get focused. I find that it really helps me be more in tune with what I am studying. I also am really interested in the languages I am studying (Italian and Swedish) so it helps that I want to learn. I also have an app for my studying that keeps track of my progress and how many day in a row I do. This helps my motivation. I also have a new notebook for my studying that makes me excited to study.
Edwin E.
Classical music really helps me focus. Sometimes I’ll watch something or read something that has to do with the subject area I’m needing to study. It can also be helpful to teach it to someone else. It makes it fun and helps you focus pretty quickly because you’re teaching the material instead of just studying it.