I want a study schedule

Camilla Q.
First of all you need a planning or a journey. Divide your work into small part and do one of that each day. Don't forget to do a break after done one of your tasks.

Cook T.
Ok well make one maybe start off with math and social and work your way down and remember always have a snack and time it is my best Time to study us right before bed I go to my desk have sleepy tea and do my work for 30 mins or an hour don’t go over your time or your working yourself out distributing your work throughout your days are very important so you can get the work you need done no go work!!!

Sarah Z.
Just commit to what your doing i know it is very hard believe me but you can make it sink into you if you do it daily. Try this:
Morning: 7:00am wake up
8:00am breakfast
9:00am work
Then in the after noon you can do work at around 2:00pm after lunch.
In the evening just take a quick rest then do something productive like exercise. Ask anything if you need it!

Kaiya N.
I’ve had a really bad experience with trying to study, and it’s been really hard. What I found helpful was to create tables, graphs, write down what I need to get done, and have it easily viewable at all times. This helped to remind me of what I had to get done. Even create a checklist system and you can check off what you have done and then your progress is recorded. If you have different classes during the day, such as Maths on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays for an hour, then if you have homework or need to study, make sure you set aside time to get done the work that you got that day. So whatever subjects your had that day, do their homework/studying on that day. Then over the weeks and months (if your schedule stays the same) the studying will be easier when you remember your timetable, and write down the work that needs to be done. Hopefully that made more sense than what I think it did.

Jerome N.
Write down a schedule and make it lovely so you will love to read it. Try to limit your phone time if that’s your problem. The first days are hard but if you make a list with the days and you always check the days you learn…. it’s and awesome feeling

Violet F.
Depending on how long you have to study or how many classes you need to have at least 2 hours of studying per day over the week days. Pit more time in for certain classes depending on how close the test is or how important the class is

Mariyam N.
For a study schedule you can study for about 55 mins and take a 5 min break and i study CBSE so it works the best for me

Kaiya N.
I have one currently before I start back at school, and a good idea is to also schedule your time around the study time, so your afternoon schedule, and after you do some exercise for example, you can schedule to do a different subject each hour for example. I’ve also created one where I have to do a specific amount of work for each subject each day or week, and I have it shown on graphs and stuff so I can better see what needs my focus. Just get it done as soon as you can, and keep school and social life balanced. I’d recommend researching study styles and looking at type of timetable and stuff online so you can better organise you time.

Lissa P.
Depending on how long each of your studies will take: first, eats a light breakfast or a fruit, exercise first thing after that, then start to study. If you want to take intervals of breaks, then maybe take half an hour to study with healthy snacks, talk to a friend, or some stretching in between