I want a study schedule

Rasheed F.
i kinda like excercise from the starts so that's why it was easy for me to do it. But the reason might be because i can listen to any kind of songs i want to when excercising
Rasheed F.
Start with shorter times and give yourself breaks. That way, you don’t wear yourself out. Increase study time as you work on maintaining your focus.
Zoe O.
you should wake up early at 5 go for a walk start studying at 6 to 9 do break fast and clen house from 9to 12 study 12 to 2 break of ine hour study 3to 5 break 5 to 8 and study 8to 10
Charbel Q.
Make a list of what chapters you have to study per day or week and based on that set timing for each chapter and use pamador clock to take your time for example 30min of study then 5min rest
Rasheed F.
I prepare it the day before and it sits there waiting for me in the morning, so beautifully in a tidy kitchen that it gives me pleasure to eat it.
Enrique U.
I really appreciate the existence of this app, it's amazing the way it helped me and helps to create great and healthy abs !!
Camilla Q.
First of all you need a planning or a journey. Divide your work into small part and do one of that each day. Don't forget to do a break after done one of your tasks.
Vivan P.
Sometimes it's good to repeat what you learned at school right after you finish the lessons and come home. But for me, the best time to study, is in the evening via Zoom with my classmates, and then, I repeat everything in the morning. This is considered to be the most effective way to study and remember a lot of information, so I tried it out and it's currently working for me.
Bella N.
Take all of your tasks in consideration and find some time when you can study, but also try not to damage your mental health.
Rasheed F.
There is no perfekt study schedule. For me works in this way. I wake up at 8 aclock and by 9 oclock i am at the library. I study all day with a pauza at 1 pm and theni continue to lern until 5 pm. And after that plus 2 hours in the evening. You can do that for 5 days with two free days
Akansha F.
Firstly so proud of you for initiating to study. Give the subjects you are weak in more time like 1 hour for these subjects while the easier one's half-hour. Then make time for studying as well as for yourself too.
Orlandino F.
Studies have always been tough for me. It entails pressure, there is also time constraints, and I find it hard most to find motivation which drives me to focus less on what should be done or what should prioritize first. I hope that with a study schedule, I will become more motivated and productive.
Rovinya Q.
Firstly you have to decide what time you can study. In day time or night time. Then study three subjects per one day. And do recaps and past papers in weekends.
Amalie R.
just study for like 5 minutes every day and after like a week you will be used to it and be able to study for hours cause the hardest part is starting
Cook T.
Ok well make one maybe start off with math and social and work your way down and remember always have a snack and time it is my best Time to study us right before bed I go to my desk have sleepy tea and do my work for 30 mins or an hour don’t go over your time or your working yourself out distributing your work throughout your days are very important so you can get the work you need done no go work!!!
Meinrad X.
You can do some activities and then sit for study and when u fill little bore then close your books and do some fun 😉 and then do study like this I fill because study is important but fun is also important 😜
Gaia N.
So what I usually do the night before is to look at my schedule of class and the date of the exams and plan which section to do each day. Right now all my education is online and recorded because of COVID so it is easier to stick to one thing at the time. This is key. Set a calendar and focus your study priorities according to dates and most importantly goals. My career goals have always been clear in my life so I’ve been always motivated in studying what I like. I HAVE A STRONG WHY and with that you can plan the “how”
Tahmineh X.
I personally can't spend a lot of time studying everyday so I devide studying different subjects into two weeks. I have 10 subjects in total so let's say I will study math the first Monday and the second Monday I will study chemistry. Then I would devide the other subjects the same way. I spend about 1 to 2 hours studying and this might change based on how much I understand the subject.
Rasheed F.
For breakfast I recommend a mix of everything. For example, I think the best would be eggs ( however you prefer them), fruits, and maybe a piece of toast.
Milica I.
Write down what and how much you have to study. If some subject are harder to you take more time for it. Study fo 45 minutes than take a brake for 10 or 15 minutes. Reward yourself after every success.
Christiane X.
You should create you study table to be everyday and you must make sure that everyday you study for about 1-2 hours and you must study to understand
B Rbaro S.
Intersect your subjects one essy and one hard. Try to study the hardest ones earlier so you can revise.Also u should use the pomodoro techinque
Sherry J.
I don’t rly yo understand the question toon but I’ve rly want help want hep with dying because because I've figured I always leave my homework last my minute
Rasheed F.
I want to be able to cover all my main units and the smaller units effectively and efficiently so I can organize my day to attend online classes have 3 hours of deep study and 2 hours at night
Sarah R.
The best advice I can give you is to colour code your material/tasks. Use red for urgent ones and green for important ones. Some might be both important and urgent which makes them your top priority. Other may be neither, which means you can keep these until the end. Try to take 15 min breaks every couple of hours just to rest your eyes and get a snack or move about. Try to find your most productive time. Keep track of when you can focus most and when you get distracted easily. This way you know when you will be most productive and can schedule your most important task then. When you are studying try to keep your distractions to a minimum, so if your phone distracts you put it away for the duration of your study time. Remember you have allocated break times where you can use your phone. Bear in mind, that it takes a person about 24 mins to regain their focus, so try not to make your breaks are tied to a specific time. Not constantly interrupting your studying.
Jason P.
You can simply study for at least 45 minutes each day either in the afternoon or morning. It depends on if you're a morning or afternoon person.
Neve N.
i recommend finding a time of the day where you don’t have any distractions (it can vary day to day) also it helps keeping a journal or a notebook where u can plan your day out
Jolita N.
You can create your own planner and then you can put each thing you do in a day included with your study schedule so you can have a good balance. It’s basically a week calendar and separated by 3 sections. Morning ,afternoon and evening. You can plan your most important schedule task and do it first.
Nisa N.
Recently i have download an apps to make a timetable and i can add my study routine and so on!!i hope with this apps i will make my time management more effective
Vicki O.
Find the time you're most productive and energizined .
Me personally, I prefer studying in the morning.
Set goals and rewards so you'll feel motivated to get it all done.
I hope this helps 😍
Claro P.
Eu quero um cronograma de estudos porquê preciso passar na faculdade para alcançar meus maiores objetivos e sonhos, olhar pra trás e ver que valeu a pena meu esforço.
Rasheed F.
Creating a study schedule is fairly easy. Use a planner that you find to be pretty or when you see it remind you to plan out your day or week depending on the type of person you are. To create a study schedule you should start small. Study for 10-15 minutes then take a break for 5. Then study again for 10-15 minutes. Do this for at least an hour. It will help build and solidify the routine. Chew gum while studying will help you with memorizing and so will flash cards. If you’re studying a language write it out 10 times, day it aloud 10 times, read it 10 times and do that a few times to help remember it. Just visualize the end results becoming true and how you want to get there. Nothing will happen on its own, you have to do the work to get the results you want.
Sarah Z.
Just commit to what your doing i know it is very hard believe me but you can make it sink into you if you do it daily. Try this:
Morning: 7:00am wake up
8:00am breakfast
9:00am work
Then in the after noon you can do work at around 2:00pm after lunch.
In the evening just take a quick rest then do something productive like exercise. Ask anything if you need it!
Aditya F.
It depends on how much study you wish to do.
It depends on what time you are comfortable with study.
I shall suggest you some general tips which might help you in preparing your schedule.
You may use 25/5 rule.
It's that you should take a rest of 5 minutes when you completed your 25 minutes of deep work. Repeat it and repeat.
Make sure that you have blocked all your distractions which may become obstacles while studying.
You should give sufficient time to everything.
Make a to do list and not to do list every morning you wake up or you may plan your tomorrow a night before.
You should prefer time blocking.
You may search it on Internet, I think it will really help you alot.
Penny E.
I really do want a study schedule and possibly a work schedule so I can see what i have to do for the day and notnget confused and waste time
Umaimah N.
Yes please a study schedule will be perfect it can help with difficult exams and we won’t have to force our self because when I have an exam I study more than I can do it will be better to have studying schedule thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Cris C.
I plan to study before work, during lunch break and after work. Mostly after work. About an hour after while bonding with the sugies.
Eli E.
Yes it ll be better if someone helps us to build our study schedule
To make a study schedule
Firstly be confident nd promising to yourself that you ll study without neglection
You make a study schedule accordingly to your timings and then the subjects which you need to study
Make sure it ll help you and you follow it
Rasheed F.
try to stay in the times you set and think that when your going to be finish before 9 pm you have time to do what you want
Kara N.
There are many templates and YouTube videos “study with me” that you may look at to see what fits your work and school life.
Noah E.
In order to be more efficient i need to make a studying schedule both long and short term. Dividing the whole goal into short tasks is the way to go.
Kwazi N.
Hi, I think the best way to make one to study two subjects a day constisting of 1 hour each or 30 minutes of each and they must be two different subjects through the length of the week, giving you enough time to study a lot a lot subjects in a week.
Gina P.
Try to study in the morning only then take a power nap of 40 mins then wake up and do some revsion again. Drink more water. Eat healthy food & fruits & then again study in the night.
Rasheed F.
I don't really know what kind of study schedule do you want but here's mine. I don't really call it was a study schedule it's more like a schedule of my day.

1. Do homework
2. Workout
3. Read book but as for me I like to read Bible
4. Do revision
5. Phone time
6. Self care

I don't put the time because I think we all have a different time so maybe you can modified my schedule and insert your own time or task.

Rasheed F.
Make your study schedule by first first starting by analysing if you are a night person or a day person. But make use of time where your surroundings are silent, at night and in the early morning. Plan your day. Look for a study partner or do study sessions to build up consistency. Plan your schedule with a 10-15 min break every 1hr and a 2hr break during lunch to rejuvenate yourself. Spend time with your family in the late evenings as communication is the key between healthy relationships. Hope this helps. This is what has gotten me studying, and being honest it worked even though I am a very easily distracted person. Good luck with your journey ahead 🙂
Becky W.
Think about the times of the day you feel the most productive and schedule it around that but don't stress yourself out if u miss a day or two
Eliza T.
I want a study schedule because right now I am a student and maintaining my daily routine with studies sometimes become hard as I want to do everything like yoga, exercise, meditation, piano lessons, my 3rd language lessons. So with all these thing I want to make sure that it don't effect my studies too.
Ava S.
This would be amazing I want a study schedule but the only thing is that I don’t have a lot of work for home where I need a study schedule
Kaiya N.
I’ve had a really bad experience with trying to study, and it’s been really hard. What I found helpful was to create tables, graphs, write down what I need to get done, and have it easily viewable at all times. This helped to remind me of what I had to get done. Even create a checklist system and you can check off what you have done and then your progress is recorded. If you have different classes during the day, such as Maths on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays for an hour, then if you have homework or need to study, make sure you set aside time to get done the work that you got that day. So whatever subjects your had that day, do their homework/studying on that day. Then over the weeks and months (if your schedule stays the same) the studying will be easier when you remember your timetable, and write down the work that needs to be done. Hopefully that made more sense than what I think it did.
Sandra W.
You have to start slow and you should try to understand how much time one task takes so that you can set a time that best fits your schedule. You should also understand if you are a morning or night person so you would do your studying better at that time. I'm sure you'll have your schedule ready in no time.
Nurul X.
this is mine 🙂

6:30 a.m. -wakeup (2min.)

6:32 a.m. -tidy ur bed (3min.)

6:35 a.m. -pray time/islam, meditate (15 min.)

6:50 a.m. -take a shower + mornin' skincare routine (50min.)

7:40 a.m. -breakfast time + make a to-doday list (50min.)

8:30 a.m. -study time while listening to ur study song playlist (1hour45min.)

10:15 a.m. -take a rest + phone time (30min.)

10:45 a.m. -play with ur cats + give them food nyangg~ (30min.)

11:15 a.m. -bujo time/ planner time (1hour.)

12:15 p.m. -reapply sunscreen (5min.)

12:20 p.m. -free time (40min.)

13:00 p.m. -study different subject (1hour.)

14:00 p.m. -lunch time + phone time (40min.)

14:40 p.m. -pray time/islam, meditate (20min.)

15:00 p.m. -play with ur cats + give them food, meow~ (30min.)

15:30 p.m. -study again, ur hardwork gonna pay off, insyaAllah. ♡ (1hour.15 min.)

16:45 p.m. -pray time/islam, meditate (15min.)

17:00 p.m. -rest time + phone time (2hour.)

19:00 p.m. -family time/ alone time (40min.)

19:40 p.m. -pray time/islam, meditate (10min.)

19:50 p.m. -phone time/ dinner time (1hour.)

20:50 p.m. -pray time/islam, meditate (10min.)

21:00 p.m. -revision/ study + phone backup (30min.)

21:30 p.m. -take a shower +/ nighttime skincare routine (1hour.)

22:30 p.m. -get comfy and sleep. (8hour.)

-thank you
Teodora C.
A study program can be set based on the rest of your program and what kind of person you are. You can set a goal and make an idea plan. Start with the goal you have, why you do it and how you will do it (in detail). Try to read books not pdf, books have a different value in the physical format than the virtual ones. Try to find out from any source what you would be interested in, for example cooking. You can start by meditating, thinking and analyzing what you would like to study. I hope I helped you.
Helena E.
Start small, create a few revision/study times in the day when you aren’t busy or for example after a meal. Then you’ll know you’ve studied at least three times a day, then after that it would be easier to create a schedule as you’d know what times suit you best!
Jerome N.
Write down a schedule and make it lovely so you will love to read it. Try to limit your phone time if that’s your problem. The first days are hard but if you make a list with the days and you always check the days you learn…. it’s and awesome feeling
Jacob W.
First of all you should know what your study pace is like. If you can read or study 10 pages/hour, let’s say, calculate your pace accordingly. Then look at your daily schedule objectively, and decide how many hours of studying you can put in every day. Then calculate how many pages/exercises/tasks you can do in the time you set for studying. Be realistic when you calculate this. It’s also important to meditate and do some yoga at least 3 times a week to improve your concentration, as well as listening to some classical music or music designed to improve focus. Try to appreciate the things you like in the subject you’re studying, and see the boring stuff as a mean to learn the interesting part of that knowledge.
Angel Z.
Ok way you go
Monday to Saturday:
5:00 wakeup, shower and go for walk
6:00learn previous chapters, break fast ,get ready for school.
7:00 bagpack,lunch snacks etc….
1:00 comeback ,fresh up,rest
2:00 do homework,study,lunch
3:00 go for a walk ,play ,work out etc…..
These can help you
Johanne B.
I want a study schedule so it's helped me improve my English level when I get back in Time I want to be able to see how much I improved
Onofre P.
Took me a long time to come up with a good study schedule due to being so busy! I study for 45 minutes every afternoon/evening, and in between classes on days that I have class. However, I work 25 hrs a week, am taking 5 classes, and volunteer, so my busy schedule might not be comparable to yours. Figure out what times you’re busy and what times you can set aside to study, and go from there! However, the baseline of at least 45 mins a day was a game changer for me 🙂
Violet F.
Depending on how long you have to study or how many classes you need to have at least 2 hours of studying per day over the week days. Pit more time in for certain classes depending on how close the test is or how important the class is
Maria T.
I usually wake up, do my online job then I do my yoga session and study. If you want to know how long or when to take pauses you can go on internet and use a study with me pomodoro method, it worked for me until I became more indipendent, hope it helps 🙂
Anka O.
Then make one! Think of all the things you have to learn and how many breaks do you need. Are you more productive in the morning or the evening? Make your schedule around that.
Shadha N.
List all subjects you need to learn
Prioritize Important subjects
Make it flexible and keep enough break Stick to your schedule
Rasheed F.
First thing first, you should ask yourself if you're ready to make some changes. Are you ready to sacrifice some pleasures, so you can get on the right track? If you're willing to, than all you got to do is make a routine and when it's hard just stick to it. Even when you feel like you can't, just do it, after that you'll feel better.
Rasheed F.
I like to write in my journal but that is is just for me. Next to this I write about parenthood and I want to make a book of it.
Monica A.
Beginn with a subject of interest when I watched Judas and the black messiah I started studying the black panthers history and learned a lot about the community programs now I’m studying personal finances
Rasheed F.
I want a study schedule so that I can study and get good grades and so get into my desired school. I also want to study so that when I grow up I don't have to be dependent upon someone and be independent
Mariyam N.
For a study schedule you can study for about 55 mins and take a 5 min break and i study CBSE so it works the best for me
Lizeth Y.
First, be focus on the most important things you want to study. You could select 2 or 3, it depends on how long it will take you to study each one. Make a plan for everyday, from monday to friday. May be nice you take the weekend to rest or practice any hobby, but dont make you overwork, select only the subjects that are the most important for you, so you wont going to feel frustrated at the of the day/week.
Raquel Q.
Your study schedule depends on what you are studying and how you do it. In brazil we have "vestibular" which is kinda like an ASAT, we have to study all the subjects to get into college. I plan my hole week with the topics that I have to study, and separate exercises for me to do (never in the same day).
Kaiya N.
I have one currently before I start back at school, and a good idea is to also schedule your time around the study time, so your afternoon schedule, and after you do some exercise for example, you can schedule to do a different subject each hour for example. I’ve also created one where I have to do a specific amount of work for each subject each day or week, and I have it shown on graphs and stuff so I can better see what needs my focus. Just get it done as soon as you can, and keep school and social life balanced. I’d recommend researching study styles and looking at type of timetable and stuff online so you can better organise you time.
Sing Y.
If want a study schedule you should plan when to start first like what time then prioritize the subjects that u r weak in first then focus on those that you r ok with
Ali X.
Most important thing is that you get yourself used to studying, not any kind of motivation gonna be effective as a good old habit
Med N.
In my opinion, it's always better and wise to start with buying a planner or creating your own planner out of a simple notebook. In a day put most 5 important things you want to do, and start with the one that requires more willpower.
Eckhart W.
you need to see which ones you need to study, the ones you have the most difficulty with, the biggest workload and how much time you have to dedicate each day.
everything must be realistic.
Patrik F.
I want to make a schedual so I study every day for collage and later learn about psihology, tricks for perties, seduction and more
Lissa P.
Depending on how long each of your studies will take: first, eats a light breakfast or a fruit, exercise first thing after that, then start to study. If you want to take intervals of breaks, then maybe take half an hour to study with healthy snacks, talk to a friend, or some stretching in between
Lorana Z.
See when you have a test and learn it as fast as you can you also need to learn as soon as you can to the new lesson also before test you should repeat every lessonbjust to remind yourself also that should happen a day or 6 hours before the test you shouldnt do it too early bc you will forget everything