How much should you study in a day?

Marto N.
I usually study 1÷2 hours a day. If I have to much to study I study 3hours, but the most important is to have breaks for a 5÷10 min becouse if you study 3 hours with no brake you will be too tried to do you other work.✨️
Mildred U.
Well it depends, somedays I don't have to study at all, but on the other Hans sometime I have lots of work to do, so it really just depends, but I'd love to if IT were max like 2 hours per day
Christopher S.
Personally, I recommend around 30 minutes yo an hour on studying. Studying's an important thing that takes time. You can't just study for 5 minutes and be readynto take a test can you? Spend around 1 hour studying, it'll really help alot. <3