I would like to know how you manage to do the evening routine even if you’re absolutely knackered.

Brent Z.
I've learned to take a moment to really listen to myself, and find out if I'm PHYSICALLY exhausted, or MENTALLY exhausted. It's amazing how often mental weariness at the end of the day can lay me out flat. I remind myself of my vacations to Disneyland: I would start walking at 7:30 am, and not get back to my hotel till 1:00 am! Of course I was physically exhausted; but I was relaxed and having fun, so I could go till I dropped. Having that comparison tells me what my body is capable of. Can you find a comparison that works for you? When you're knackered, maybe check first to see if your mind and emotions are the most exhausted. Was there a time when you kept going till you dropped, because you were enjoying yourself? Next: I keep experimenting with the habits in my evening routine to make sure they are all important to me, and I care about making them a daily habit. For me, writing or sketching, doing yoga, showering and brushing my teeth, and one-on-one time with a loved one are absolutely important to me in the evening. But often after work and household duties, I don't feel like doing any of them. I check with my weariness; can I PHYSICALLY do my routine? If the answer is yes, I put on some motivational music (movie soundtracks are great for this), I dance and bounce around and get my mood up. Sometimes a cup of tea at 8pm has just enough caffeine to get me through to bedtime. The important part is: my dreams (art/writing), well-being (yoga, teeth, shower), and relationships are important to me. I am worth it. YOU are worth it! What habits are you excited to add to your life? Pump up the music and DO THEM! Lastly: I have to budget my time and energy. Because my routine is important to me, I sacrifice a lot of TV and browsing the internet. I make 6-8pm sacred – that's when I make dinner and get household stuff done. If it's 6:15 and I haven't gone grocery shopping, I make eggs for dinner. If it's 8pm and the dishes aren't washed, they're going to soak in the sink till tomorrow while I make tea and put music on. If I do all this, then I have just barely enough energy for the things that are truly important to me. You can do it. Craft a routine that has your heart in it, and you can do it.