What are the best resources to learn about deep learning?

William F.
Being open-minded and willing to dive into personal development books.
Shelly Y.
The book 'Peak – secrets from the new science of expertise'. Best way to really understand deliberate practice beyond the cliche 10000 hour rule
Rudesindo E.
Go to the library in in your town. This is a great resource. They can even get books not in your library! Ask for inter-library loan! Get 1 book on your subject at a time. Study it thoroughly. Practice it! Read 10 books on your subject and practice, practice, practice. Soon you will be an expert in your field!
Emily B.
Practical knowledge is best for any kind of learning…even for deep learning…the learner should be intrested in the topic for its work
April E.
( you mean a state of deep focuse and learning yes? Not a process of coding mashines, right?) There are many ways to get into deep learning and deep focuse state. Here on Fabulous you can find invaluable hints. I can recommend you some lecture in order to understand deep learning state better. Try some books like Flow (1990) or the Shallows (2010, a case in which we consider opposite state of being) or Deep work (2016)

Good luck!